Toyota Belta 2022.

Toyota Belta 2022.

Toyota Belta 2022.

Suzuki Ciaz turned into an inexpensive Toyota Belta sedan.

The next fruits of cooperation of Toyota and Suzuki in the field of badge-engineering has been presented.

This is the fourth Toyota-branded model made hastily from a Suzuki car.

Back in the spring of 2018, the two companies entered into a cooperation agreement, which involves the production of new «joint» cars in order to expand the lineup with little blood in some not too big, but strategically important markets.

For example, Suzuki sells Toyota hybrids in Europe. Toyota, on the other hand, was enriched by the Glanza/Starlet hatchback, the Urban Cruiser parkette, the Rumion compact van, and now the Toyota Belta sedan has joined them.

This name is well known to fans of JDM-cars. From 2005 to 2012, the Belta was a sedan based on the Toyota Yaris model, designed for the Japanese market.

But in the next generation the company refused a separate name. Now it is symbolic that the new Belta will replace the not-so-young Yaris-sedan in the poor markets of the Middle East, Africa and India. The first market will be Egypt, where the premiere took place.

The new Toyota Belta is the Indian equivalent of the Suzuki Ciaz sedan. The Ciaz itself has been produced since 2014 and has already undergone scheduled upgrades.

Toyota Belta 2022.

This car is 4,490 mm long — a classmate of Hyundai Verna/Solaris or Honda City sedans, it has a five-seat interior, a 478-liter trunk and a simple chassis with semi-independent rear suspension.

Transformation of Suzuki into Toyota was reduced only with hanging up emblems and nameplates: even a radiator grill remained untouched.

And as for equipment, the Belta has no advantages over the donor: in base it has two airbags and air conditioner, for extra charge — media system, climate control and leather interior.

In Egypt the Toyota Belta is presented with petrol motor 1.5 (105 hp) and four-speed automatic, though the Indian Ciaz can have both «mechanics» and even turbodiesel.

The new Belta will be produced at the same factory of Maruti Suzuki in India, where they make Ciaz.

Surprisingly, in Egypt, such a Toyota is priced cheaper than a similar Suzuki: from $15,000 vs. $16,100.

Being in partnership with Suzuki, Toyota often resorts to renaming its models, selling them in the markets of developing countries under the name of its brand.

Toyota Belta 2022.

The company has already done so with such cars as the Glanza and Urban Cruiser.

As we already said, the next model, which will undergo renaming, will become Suzuki Ciaz.

This is confirmed by photos of the car’s radiator grille with Toyota’s logo leaked to the Web.

Now, it seems, it became known what will be a name of the new city sedan of the company. The matter is that Japanese motorcar manufacturer applied for a trade name Belta not so long ago.

In auto experts’ opinion, it will become a name of the novelty. We should say right away that the main markets for Toyota Belta will be developing countries, among which India stands out. Here it will compete with Honda City and Suzuki Ciaz.

By all appearances, the design of the Belta will be fully consistent with the Ciaz.

Toyota Belta 2022.

The only exceptions will be the Toyota badges on the grille, boot lid, wheel hubs, steering wheel, etc. As for equipment, it should also comply with the Ciaz. This list will include:

LED headlights and the DXO;
touchscreen multimedia display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support;
keyless entry into the cabin;
climate control.

Moreover, it is announced that the new Belta can include all this equipment as standard.

The safety systems Suzuki Ciaz can offer its owners include ABS with EBD, rear Parktronic, high-speed warning, sensor that indicates not fastened seat belt.

Toyota Belta 2022.

The Belta should also get all of these features as standard equipment.

What will be under the hood of Toyota’s new vehicle? Well, it is expected that there will be placed a 1.5-liter gasoline engine K-series.

It is also installed on the Toyota Urban Cruiser. The manufacturer has tuned it to produce 105 hp and 138 N*m of torque.

Working together with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission, the power is transmitted to the front wheels.

It is important to mention that prices for Suzuki Ciaz start from 840,000 rubles, but experts expect that Toyota Belta similar to it will be a bit more expensive.

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