Toyota Camry 2022-2023.

Toyota Camry 2022-2023.

Toyota Camry 2022-2023.

The all-new Toyota Camry 2022-2023 crossover body with 4WD and 3.5L under the hood has been unveiled.

The Toyota Camry sedan has been a favorite of Russian motorists for more than 20 years and five different generations.

But recent events have forced the Japanese manufacturer to stop producing new models for the Russian market.

It is not yet known if the company will be bringing the Camry to Russia in the future, but at the moment the prospects do not look promising.

Anyway the Russian independent designer decided to experiment and show how this model can look in a very unusual body.

Yes, that’s how he showed on his renders not a premium sedan of the new generation, but the Toyota Camry 2022-2023 in a stylish cross-coupe body.

In this article we will analyze the real chances of such car’s appearance on the market.

Toyota Camry 2022-2023.

In general, the fashion for crossovers and their coupe-like versions has really overwhelmed the automotive market.

Ten years ago, no one could even imagine that the legendary Toyota Crown premium sedan will be on the market as a crossover body in the future.

However, the manufacturer has already published patent images of such a model, although, frankly, many took such an approach with serious criticism.

In this case, it is rumored that Toyota is preparing a Crown in a sedan version, but it has not yet been shown in photos.

Another example is Nissan, which, according to unconfirmed reports, is also working on a coupe-shaped Skyline — its first renders have already been shown on the web.

Toyota Camry 2022-2023.

As we can see, many companies intend to support the trends of the market and create additional crossovers, and to increase interest in them their names will coincide with the already proven cars of the years.

So why wouldn’t Toyota take such a step with the Toyota Camry 2022-2023 crossover body.

And, as an experiment of public interest, this car will have the base, basis and body elements of the actual model version.

This is in case the experiment proves unsuccessful, that is, there will be no need to reorient the capacities already set up for the production of the standard Camry sedan in the opposite direction.

Toyota Camry 2022-2023.

In addition, right now the Japanese manufacturer needs a coupe-shaped parket in the price range Camry, in fact it is clear that the crossover Crown will be quite expensive car, as well as its eponymous ancestor.

In addition, now it is not known whether the Crown will be a global model, or its sales will focus mainly on the home market, and with the Camry, such a question will not arise, because this model has been «storming» a huge number of markets for many years.

Now, as for the mechanics of the Toyota Camry 2022-2023 cross-coupe.

It will not be an exception that at the heart of this model, as well as a standard sedan will be the GA-K platform, which, in fact, is a derivative of the legendary TNGA.

By the way, one crossover of the company is already built on GA-K — it is Toyota C-HR.

The front suspension of the model is presented by shock-absorbing struts McPherson, and behind — multilever mechanism.

Toyota Camry 2022-2023.

And at once we shall address to the engine range of the cross-coupe. It, as well as the sedan will be presented by a number of petrol engines, the weakest of which is the 2,0-liter 150-powered «atmospheric» one.

A 200-horsepower 2.5-liter gasoline unit is one step higher, and a 3.5-liter 249-horsepower «atmospheric» engine, which the Camry sedan owners like to boast of, acts as the top one.

Each of the engines is paired to an eight-speed automatic or a variator in the case of the weakest engine.

However, in case the Toyota Camry 2022-2023 cross-coupe will enter the global market, it will definitely get a four-wheel drive system.

It is worth recalling that in a number of countries, this car comes with 4WD.

Such variants are equipped with a hybrid power plant at 178 hp, which is based on a 2.5-liter «atmospheric» combined with an electric motor and a variator.

One of the main features of this variant of the car is the fuel consumption in the region of 4 liters per 100 kilometers. In addition, the electric motor increases towing torque.

The presented Camry will be offered in various configurations, which are unlikely to differ dramatically in equipment from the sedan with the same name.

Thus, the basic equipment will include 17-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, dual-zone climate control, keyless engine start system, servo drive of all windows and rear mirrors, heated mirrors and front row of seats, six airbags, dynamic stabilization system, and more.

In general, the presented on renders variant of the car looks really attractive and unusual.

If the manufacturer does decide to put this model on the market, it will certainly win the hearts of many buyers.

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