Toyota Camry 2022.

Toyota Camry 2022.

Toyota Camry 2022.

One of the most popular business sedans offered to Russian buyers is the Toyota Camry.

The Japanese model is distinguished by its high build quality, reliable engines, and affordable price.

Last year, sales of the redesigned Toyota Camry 2022 began in our country; the developer claims it has become even more modern.

Whether this is true in reality, told one of the domestic video bloggers, who completely disassembled the car and pointed out all its advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, in the review of the specialist was the car, assembly of which is made in Russia.

This variant is equipped with an atmospheric engine for 2.5 liters, paired with an «automatic» with 8 speeds.

The manufacturer recommends to sell such a complete set for 2.896 million, and here at dealers this model is valued at 4 million.

Toyota Camry 2022.

How expedient is it to buy a Japanese sedan for such money, the Russian expert told.

As it turns out, the case with the new Toyota Camry is not so rosy, as most potential buyers believe.

Toyota Camry 2022.

The interior noise insulation is made of felt, which becomes saturated with moisture over time and begins to produce an unpleasant odor.

All of the sealant in the car is unevenly and unevenly laid, and the quality of the body paint leaves much to be desired.

Toyota Camry 2022.

At the same time the engine, transmission, electrics, running gear — all these elements are assembled simply enough, but very qualitatively.

This is what explains the reliability of the car for many years of operation.

At the same time, the purchase of this model for 4 million rubles, as the expert believes — an unjustified waste of money.

Camry refers to one of the safest cars of its class.

Toyota Camry 2022.

This is due not only to an extensive set of systems and driving assistants, capable of preventing collisions while moving both forward and backward.

A considerable role is also played by the solid body construction. The results of all crash-tests showed the Japanese model with more than 80% probability protects front and rear passengers, including children.

The work of on-board electronics, which can identify cyclists and pedestrians, also received positive reviews.

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