Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

Toyota brand car — elegance, comfort, reliability.

The Land of the Rising Sun has always been considered the benchmark for responsibility, performance and innovation in many industries.

Japanese concern Toyota is no exception. In terms of annual sales of cars for many years, the company holds a leading position in the global market.

Reliability, high quality, efficiency and modern design of manufactured cars explains such popularity of the brand.

Equally important is the fact that Toyota is constantly delighting its fans with regular updates of top models.

In this article we will review the novelty 2022 — Toyota Camry GR Sport.

Appearance of the novelty

Business-class sedan Toyota Camry constantly enjoys increased interest of motorists in almost all countries of the world.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

In 2019, the classic version of the car went on sale in an updated form.

In 2022, the manufacturer presented the Toyota Camry not only modernized its format, but with an additional index GR Sport, which indicates the orientation to drive in a sporty style.

The main difference between the new brand and the classic sedan was the black roof.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

At the front, changes have been made in the shape of the bumper, it has become charcoal shape, which clearly indicates that the car belongs to the sports car.

The lower grille received a dark gray shade of metallic.

The sports look of the car is effectively emphasized by the black-colored plates, installed in the lower part around the perimeter of the radiator.

The same is indicated by a black aerodynamic spoiler on the trunk.

The side mirrors are also black. The roof has an antenna in the form of a shark fin.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

Toyota Camry GR Sport has fully LED optics. The car is equipped with eighteen-inch alloy wheels.

The color palette of metallized body paint is varied.


Interior of the car didn’t undergo global changes. It remains spacious, comfortable and ergonomic.

The upholstery of the seats is made of leather. The steering wheel has leather upholstery, the steering column is adjustable for tilt and reach.

Toyota Camry GR Sport 2022.

The driver’s seat is equipped with lumbar support function. A distinctive feature was the use of instrument illumination of a different color.

The predominant black and red colors in the interior design give it a bold, rebellious character.


For comfortable travel and convenience of the car owner the car is equipped with:

color display on the front dashboard; rain sensors;

light sensors; climate control;

parking sensors; Push Start button;

intelligent vehicle access system;

rearview camera;

engine start button with company logo; leather upholstery on the transmission.


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