Toyota Century 2024.

Toyota Century 2024.

Toyota Century 2024.

The new premium SUV Toyota Century was presented in the photo, showing a possible body.

The Japanese company Toyota is preparing for the imminent presentation of its first premium SUV called the Century 2024.

And if in Russia they talk a little about him, then abroad they are waiting for his debut with about the same interest as the release of the last Land Cruiser 300.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer is still very reluctant to disclose details about the future novelty, however, independent designers still suggested what the future SUV might look like.

So the artist of the foreign portal HotCars Rostislav Prokop published the first possible images of the Century, which reveals its body in detail.

The American called this model «Japanese Bentley Bentayga», which is hard to argue with.

The renders show a model that largely repeats the appearance of models from a luxury manufacturer.

Also, the SUV perfectly combines brutality and strict lines.

In addition, Century received several body elements at once, which are typical for models only in this segment.

Toyota Century 2024.

The new premium SUV Toyota Century was shown on fresh photo sketches.

Toyota is about to launch a very expensive full-size SUV in the style of Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Aurus Komendant. Details about the future auto novelty are shared by the Japanese magazine Best Car.

Toyota Century 2024.

The new premium SUV from Toyota will be named Century. Its length will be 5.2 meters with a wheelbase of 3 meters.

In terms of dimensions, the novelty will surpass even the so-platform Grand Highlander, whose debut the Japanese brand organized in early February.

We are introduced to the design of the Toyota Century by unofficial renderings of the SUV.

Toyota Century 2024.

The car on the sketches received a discreet and conservative appearance. The SUV tried on a large shield-shaped grille and large LED optics.

Moreover, all lighting equipment got a fairly simple design without intricate sharp corners.

The new SUV will borrow a hybrid powertrain from the Lexus LS500h.

Toyota Century 2024.

This is a 3.5-liter V6 petrol, combined with an electric motor and battery. The total output of such a hybrid is 359 horsepower. Over time, a fully electric SUV will appear.

The debut of Toyota Century was first scheduled for August 2023. However, then the premiere was decided to be postponed until autumn.

According to preliminary data, the novelty will be estimated at 10 to 15 million yen, which is about 5.6-8.3 million rubles.

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