Toyota Corolla 2021.

Toyota Corolla 2021.

Toyota Corolla 2021.

Toyota Corolla 2021: configurations and prices, photos in a new body, owner reviews.

How much is the new 2021 Toyota Corolla in Russia: the price of a sedan on the official dealer’s website varies from 1,411,000 to 1,921,000 rubles.

In our market, the model is sold in five trim levels: Standard, Classic, Comfort, Prestige and Prestige Safety.

The line of engines of the Russian Toyota Corolla E210 is represented by the only 1.6-liter gasoline naturally aspirated engine, which can be chosen either in tandem with a six-speed manual transmission or with a variator.

Configuration Toyota Corolla 2021.

Toyota Corolla 2021.

The basic version of Standart has halogen optics, four airbags, power accessories, conventional air conditioning, heated front seats and outside mirrors, audio preparation with four speakers, a light sensor and 15-inch stamped wheels with hubcaps.

The Classic equipment is supplemented with standard music, a color display on a 4.2 ″ on-board computer, a heated multifunction steering wheel with leather braiding and a wiper rest zone, as well as 16-inch wheels.

The Comfort variant provides six air bags, multimedia with an 8.0-inch touchscreen display, a rear-view camera, dual-zone climate control, ambient interior lighting, a rain sensor and a factory alarm.

The Prestige version sports front and rear parking sensors, 17 ″ wheels, combined seat trim, heated rear sofa, LED headlights, engine start button and keyless entry to the cabin.

The Safety package for the top-end equipment includes automatic high-beam switching, automatic braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, dynamic radar cruise control and lane departure warning with lane departure warning.

Toyota Corolla 2021.


The new body of the twelfth generation Toyota Corolla 2021 is built on the modular platform TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture).

Compared to its predecessor, the model has a lower center of gravity and a fully independent suspension: the usual MacPherson struts are used in the front, and a multi-link is involved in the rear.

According to the automaker, the car also received new shock absorbers and springs, which allowed to minimize body swing and achieve better driving characteristics.

The Toyota Corolla E210 sedan has the following overall dimensions, mm

Length — 4 630
Width — 1 780
Height — 1 435
Wheelbase — 2 700
Ground clearance (clearance) — 150

According to the data sheet, the trunk volume of the four-car is 470 liters. The sedan is equipped with a 50-liter fuel tank, and its curb weight ranges from 1,370 to 1,440 kg (the exact value depends on the selected configuration).

For the Russian version of the 2021 Toyota Corolla, a single 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 122 hp is offered. (153 Nm), which can work either with a six-speed manual iMT with automatic speed matching when shifting down, or with a new type of Dynamic-Shift CVT variator.

Toyota Corolla 2021.

The latter combines the principle of operation of both a conventional variator and a robot.

This transmission is capable of mimicking ten fixed stages, and also has a sport mode and paddle shifters.

A sedan with a manual transmission is capable of accelerating from zero to a hundred in 11.0 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches 190 km / h. The CVT variant accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 10.8 seconds, but its top speed is slightly lower — 185 kilometers per hour.

It is stupid to expect the dynamics of a sports car from a golf-class sedan, but the 1.6-liter naturally aspirated Corolla engine, although not particularly pulling, is responsive to the actions of the accelerator.

In the city, the set of speed is quite brisk, but on the highway the power reserve under the gas pedal is no longer felt, so overtaking has to be carefully calculated.

Especially the lack of dynamics is felt on the version with a variator, which, even while working at a calm pace, simulates shifting gears carelessly, and when it comes to acceleration, there are even more questions for it.

At the same time, Toyota Corolla E210 demonstrates quite a noble handling. The car not only obeys the steering wheel well, but also has a knocked down suspension, which deafly and resiliently works out almost all the flaws of the roadway, delighting passengers with excellent smoothness.

The adjustment ranges for the steering wheel and front seats on the new Toyota Corolla are sufficient, but nothing more.

Toyota Corolla 2021.

However, the seats of the model have a good profile and are comfortable in themselves, so only individual drivers will have to tinker with adjusting the fit specifically for themselves.

In advertising brochures, the Japanese note the improved sound insulation of the car, however, while driving, not only the roar of the engine, but also the rustle of tires, is clearly audible.

At the same time, as soon as the speedometer needle crosses over 100 km / h, aerodynamic noises are added to these sounds, which makes it difficult to talk to each other without raising your voices.

But the visibility of the model has definitely improved with the change of generation: the front pillars have become noticeably narrower, and the side mirrors have «moved» on the doors, freeing the corners of the windows.

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