Toyota Corolla 2022.

Toyota Corolla 2022.

Toyota Corolla 2022.

Americans were «crazy» about the new Toyota Corolla 2022: it turned out to be the perfect sedan.

Toyota has relatively recently upgraded the Corolla with the 2022 model.

The manufacturer did not make any significant changes to the sedan’s configuration. Basically, everything was reduced to the elimination of previously identified shortcomings.

And, as it turned out, the work was effective: in the US, the new Corolla is in high demand.

Such popularity is due to the fact that, according to the reviews of owners, Toyota managed to create the perfect sedan.

As an owner of a basic level of interior trim, I am very surprised at how smooth and comfortable it is to drive.

I’ve owned 1997 and 2017 models before, and I’ve clearly noticed that they have improved maneuverability, the suspension is terrific compared to previous years, comfortable seats, and good layout of the controls.

Very roomy interior and sporty appearance. Drive is smooth and comfortable. Plenty of leg room.

Has great safety features. Great car for the price.

The car is sporty and I think I will buy it again in the future. And I would recommend it to my family and friends.

Toyota Corolla 2022.

There are hundreds of comments written in this format from Corolla owners.

The Japanese model offers an extensive set of safety systems for its class, which, combined with its rugged construction, allows drivers to feel protected inside the car.

Toyota Corolla 2022.

With that, the Corolla stands out against the competition due to the fact that the sedan has borrowed many of its electronic devices from the «older» Camry.

The result is a car that is the best in its class by most parameters.

Corolla is excellent in control. It has a lot of safety features. The Corolla is extremely comfortable to drive. The reliability of the Toyota Corolla is excellent! I highly recommend the Corolla.

Toyota Corolla 2022.

Has all the latest safety features. Economical, pleasant to drive, quiet, responsive sedan. Great interior that is comfortable to sit in.

Reliable car built with comfort, great new looks and lots of safety features. The updated screen is large and easy to use. The steering wheel switches make this an interesting car to drive if you want to make a change.

Owners of the Japanese model often pay attention to the fact that the interior of the car is very quiet while driving.

This peculiarity is even more important taking into account the problems with noise insulation, which the drivers detected in VW Jetta, Skoda Octavia and even Camry.

Toyota Corolla 2022.

Another noteworthy detail is that the Corolla consumes little fuel, which becomes more important in the conditions of rising gasoline prices.

At the same time, the Japanese model offers a reliable engine and transmission.

Another interesting detail about the new Corolla is the fact that the drivers don’t pay attention even to minor flaws.

Usually, even in positive reviews, owners report what the manufacturer should improve in the car. But in the case of the Corolla, such comments are not common.

However, there are those who do not like what the Japanese sedan offers:

I am not impressed with its ergonomics. It is comfortable enough, but it is very difficult to understand what state the engine is in now.

I’m short. And with the fit of the seat, the distance to the steering wheel and, by extension, the distance to the cushion becomes unsafe.

In fact, it turns out, that lacks of Corolla are caused only by personal requirements of a concrete driver.

The bulk of owners of Japanese model haven’t found any disadvantages in it. That is Toyota really managed to create the perfect sedan.

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