Toyota Corolla 2023.

Toyota Corolla 2023.

Toyota Corolla 2023.

Toyota Corolla for America: all-wheel drive and other upgrades.

For the upcoming 2023 model year, Toyota’s American division has shaken up the local Corolla lineup.

Actually, full-fledged updating was conducted, though Toyota avoids this term for some reason.

Actually, there are a lot of changes. For example, Corolla has got new bumpers and a new grille, and these elements are changed in all versions, including cars with a sports package.

Simple sedans now have a grille with horizontal bars, other modifications have different variations of mesh «grill».

The LED headlights and the shape of the running lights have been changed, although the bodies are the same. There are new variants of wheel designs.

Henceforth all Corollas for the U.S. will have the same new-generation media system with an eight-inch screen, revised graphics and update function «over the air» (previously there were seven- or eight-inch displays, depending on the configuration).

Toyota Corolla 2023.

The Toyota Safety Sense electronic assistant system has been upgraded from version two to version three.

Base 1.8 engine (141 hp) is excluded from U.S. range (it was put only on sedans), as well as manual transmission.

Only two-liter atmospheric engine with output of 171 hp paired with a variator is left, as well as hybrid power plant, which was modernized.

Its petrol engine 1.8 is the same, but there is an electric motor of increased capacity and more effective lithium-ion battery.

Toyota Corolla 2023.

Alas, Toyota has not yet released specs; so far, the Corolla Hybrid has 123 hp.

Also Toyota Corolla in the USA has got a full drive. True, hybrid: for sedans with gas-electric power plant, it will be possible to order additional electric motor on the rear axle.

Toyota Corolla 2023.

Before such a system E-Four put only on the Corolla for the Japanese market: there’s a rear motor produces 7.2 horsepower and 55 Nm, and helps mainly when starting from a place.
Parameters of the American version are not announced yet.

By the way, the Corolla also has traditional four-wheel drive with a transfer gearbox, cardan and a clutch.

Toyota Corolla 2023.

And not only the GR Corolla hot-hatches. In Japan, hatchbacks Toyota Corolla Sport with 1.2 turbo engine (116 hp) and all-wheel drive are on sale, but it is not exported.

As for the modernized Corolla for America, sales of 2023 model year cars will start by the end of the summer.


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