New Toyota Crown sedan: production version.
Last fall, the fifteenth-generation Crown became one of the main novelties of the Tokyo motor show, but then Toyota showed the car in the status of a concept car and were stingy with details.

And then came the summer of 2018 — the time when the car should be on the conveyor according to the plan. As expected, the production Toyota Crown is no different from the «concept». But the difference with the previous model is great!


For the first time in history, the four-door Crown has got additional windows in the rear roof pillars, which makes the car look more respectable in profile. The dimensions with the change of generations have hardly changed: length — 4910 mm (15 mm more than that of the outgoing model), width — 1800 mm, height — 1455 mm.


But the wheelbase has grown immediately by 70 mm to 2920 mm. As before, the range will include the «sport» version of the Athlete and the «luxurious» Royal, which differ in decor and finishes.

The new Crown has retained the classic layout, but has moved to the new modular platform GA-L (TNGA Global Architecture) and now has a lot in common with the next generation Lexus LS.

Although the size of the «cart» had to be adapted, the LS is 100 mm wider than the Crown. In front there is a double wishbone suspension, in the back there is a multi-link from the outgoing Lexus GS model, springs are installed in a circle.

Compared to the previous sedan, here the center of gravity is reduced by 15 mm, the axle weight distribution is close to ideal (50:50). The company carried out the driving refinement of the cars at the Nurburgring, and the electronics, in addition to the usual Normal and Sport modes, have the most extreme Sport + preset. Crown’s personality must be combative!

The base sedan is equipped with a two-liter turbo four 8AR-FTS with a capacity of 245 hp. (ten forces more than the previous model), eight-speed «automatic» and exclusively rear-wheel drive. And all other versions are now hybrid.


The initial hybrid has almost the same powertrain as the new Camry, but adapted to the classic layout. The aspirated four-cylinder 2.5 of the Dynamic Force family (model A25A-FXS) produces 184 hp. and works in tandem with a 143 hp electric motor. and an electromechanical variator.

The peak output of such a power plant is 226 hp. The choice is rear or four-wheel drive. By the way, this Crown has the most advantageous half weight distribution along the axles, while in other modifications the front axle accounts for 52-53% of the mass.

At the top of the gamut is the Crown with a new generation powerplant (Multi Stage Hybrid System), which is used on the Lexus LS 500h sedan and LC 500h coupe.

It includes an aspirated V6 3.5 (299 hp) operating on the Atkinson cycle, a 180-horsepower electric motor, a four-stage «automatic» without a torque converter and three planetary gears. At the exit — 359 «horses» and ten fixed transmission stages. Such Crowns will only be offered with rear-wheel drive.


The interior is designed according to the classical canons: a massive central tunnel, a fixed selector «automatic», traditional devices. And the basic versions also have fabric seat upholstery.


But in the center of the front panel there are two multi-format displays: the upper one is intended for «multimedia» and the navigator, and the lower one is for controlling the minor functions of the car, including climate control. Although below the block of «hot» keys and handles is saved.

In expensive trim levels, the interior is leather, there is an electric seat drive, a rear-view camera and many other options, and on the rear center armrest there is a separate control panel for seats, microclimate and media system.

The sedan will have ITS Connect (Intelligent Transportation System), which debuted three years ago on the current generation Crown and allows the car to communicate with other cars and street infrastructure.


And there will also be a remote diagnosis system that sends all the data about the car to the service center.


The new generation Toyota Crown will enter the Japanese market at the end of June, the preliminary price range is from 42 to 65 thousand dollars. Although the sedan of the outgoing generation «in the base» costs 36 thousand.

Alas, Toyota’s export policy towards Crown has not changed: these cars will not be supplied to other countries. Unless in China, the release of a local version will begin, as happened with the last generation machine, but so far even this option has not been confirmed.

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