Toyota Crown Kluger 2023.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2023.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2023.

Crossover Toyota Crown Kluger began to sell, the cost of 4.1 million rubles.

Motorists of our country can purchase for themselves a novelty from the Toyota concern with high ground clearance.

Two years after the appearance on the Japanese market, the Crown Kluger foreign car became available for purchase from Russian car dealers.

The model was developed for the needs of Chinese motorists. Since May, such a car has been sold in the Russian Federation thanks to a gray dealer supply chain.

This is a dimensional model created according to the traditions of consumers from China. The body is stretched in length by 5015 mm, the width is 1930 mm, the height is 1750 mm.

Between the axles of the wheels 2850 mm are read. The assembly site of the FAW and Toyota concerns is engaged in the production of this machine.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2023.

One of the sellers is ready to sell such a foreign car for 4 million 100 thousand rubles, taking into account delivery to the Russian Federation and customs clearance.

The crossover belongs to the last model year with low mileage up to a thousand kilometers.

The crossover is driven by a hybrid unit paired with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2023.

Together with the internal combustion engine, an electric motor and a CVT gearbox function. The total release force is 184 «horses» The drive is only full.

The list of features includes: the option to prevent front and side impacts due to accidents, 360-degree cameras, a glass roof, intelligent cruise control, an electric instrument cluster and a modern multimedia complex with an impressive touchscreen.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2023.

On one of the classifieds, an advertisement for the sale of Toyota Crown appeared, which appears without the Kluger prefix, with which it is known in China.

A 2022 crossover is offered for purchase, the mileage of which is 1000 km. Car dimensions: 5.01 / 1.93 / 1.75 meters. Between the axles — 2.85 meters.

Toyota Crown Kluger 2023.

Power capabilities are represented by a hybrid unit based on a 2.5-liter internal combustion engine, which is combined with an electric motor, a CVT and all-wheel drive.

The return of the installation in the aggregate reaches 184 hp. Toyota Crown boasts modern equipment, among which, for example, an ultra-modern infotainment complex, panoramic roof, all-round visibility and so on.

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