Toyota Glanza 2022.

Toyota Glanza 2022.

Toyota Glanza 2022.

The updated Toyota Glanza: more differences from the Baleno.

Three years ago, the Indian Toyota Glanza hatchback was the first badge-engineered model created under the agreement between Suzuki and Toyota.

And the Glanza became the best-selling Toyota in this country: 26,000 cars last year.

It cannot be compared with the result of the initial model Maruti Suzuki Baleno (172,000 units a year), but the experiment is recognized successful and will go on.

Following the updated Baleno, the restyled Glanza is presented in India.

Before, Toyota-branded hatchback differed from donor Suzuki only by radiator grille and emblems.

Now the difference has become more noticeable. The updated Toyota Glanza has original headlights stuffing (with LED running lights stripes), another front bumper with chrome brackets in real Toyota style, and different wheels.

In short, it will be a little harder to confuse these cars in the stream.

Otherwise, the Glanza is still identical to Baleno — now in an upgraded form.

Toyota Glanza 2022.

Five-door, 3990 mm long offered in India with a four-cylinder 1.2 atmospheric engine (90 hp), the choice — five-speed «manual» or a simple «robot» AMT with one clutch, though previously there was a variator.

Export cars will be equipped with the 105 hp 1.5 engine.

Importantly, Toyota has revised the market positioning of its model.

If before the Glanza was offered only in two rich kits with prices starting from $1,0100, now there are simpler variants in the range (with four kits to choose from).

Toyota Glanza 2022.

As for the exterior, the new Glanza has a lot in common with the Baleno, on which it is based.

Although the proportions and silhouette of these two models are almost identical, this time Toyota has made a greater effort to separate its car from the donor.

The updated Glanza gets a new Camry-style grille, a sportier front bumper, and headlights with simpler LED daytime running lights graphics (the three-block sidelights are exclusive to the Baleno).

Inside, there are also similarities in design to the model from Suzuki. The Glanza is equipped with a multilevel dashboard with a freestanding multimedia touchscreen and a steering wheel similar in design.

Toyota Glanza 2022.

The biggest change in the interior is the black and beige color scheme, which gives the cabin a more upscale look.

Unlike the previous Glanza, the novelty is offered in four configurations: E, S, G and V. They exactly correspond to the options of Baleno.

The list of equipment for the car includes such services as projection screen, 360-degree camera, 9.0-inch central screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, i-Connect technology, automatic climate control and 6 airbags.

Toyota Glanza 2022.

Under the hood of the hatchback is a non-alternative 1.2-liter four-cylinder DualJet K12N gasoline engine. It produces 90 horsepower and 113 N*m of torque.

The engine works both with a 5-speed manual gearbox, and with an automatic transmission with the same number of speeds. By the way, this is the first Toyota in India, equipped with AMT.

The starting price is now comparable to Baleno: from $8,400. The updated Toyota Glanza will be on sale by the end of March.

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