Toyota GR 86 2021.

Toyota GR 86 2021.

Toyota GR 86 2021.

The new Toyota GR 86 sports coupe: driving character and improved dynamics.

In early April of the twenty-first year, the Japanese presented the Toyota GR 86 coupe, which is essentially the second generation of the GT 86 model, albeit under a new name.

Note that the new product became the third model of the sports division of Gazoo Racing. Toyota GR 86 2021 has retained its recognizable image with a characteristic profile and side glazing.

At the same time, the two-door, as before, is a kind of Subaru BRZ II coupe, the second generation of which was presented back in the fall of two thousand and twenty.

The Toyota dvuhdverka differs from the latter only in a different front bumper, a “Functional Matrix” radiator grill and slightly different headlights. Plus there are original 18-inch wheels with 215/40 tires.

As for the interior, the new generation model has acquired a virtual tidy, although the architecture of the front panel has changed slightly.

Toyota GR 86 2021.

Interestingly, cars for the home (Japanese) market got multimedia with a larger display and touch buttons, while European buyers will have to be content with a simpler complex.

The new 2021 Toyota GR 86 bushes reach a length of 4,265 mm (+ 30 compared to its predecessor), while the wheelbase of the coupe is 2,575 (+ 5). The width of the car is declared at 1,775 mm (unchanged), and the height is 1,310 mm (-10).

Toyota GR 86 2021.

The two-door received aluminum front fenders and a roof panel, while its torsional rigidity increased immediately by 50%. The Japanese report that the car weighs 1 270 kg (+ 50) in running order.

The suspension scheme of the coupe remains the same: MacPherson struts are involved in the front, and double wishbones at the rear. Plus, the car has ventilated disc brakes «in a circle».

The rear-wheel drive sports car is driven by a 2.4-liter naturally aspirated boxer with combined fuel injection, replacing the previous two-liter unit.

On cars for the Japanese market, its output is declared at 235 hp. (250 Nm). You can spin the motor up to 7,400 rpm. From the boxes, you can choose a six-speed manual or a classic automatic.

Toyota GR 86 2021.

It is reported that from zero to hundreds of Toyota GR 86 is capable of accelerating in 6.3 seconds (-1.1), the maximum speed is not specified.

According to Gazoo Racing, the driving character of the car is different from that of the Subaru BRZ.

At the same time, the complex of preventive safety on a car is purely Subarov. We are talking about the proprietary EyeSight system with a stereo camera under the windshield.

It is interesting that the new BRZ and GR 86 will compete with each other only in Japan, while the rest of the priority sales markets of the company are diplomatically divided.

Toyota GR 86 2021.

For example, Subaru staked out for itself North America, abandoning sales in Europe, while Toyota, on the contrary, relies on the countries of the Old World, although the appearance of sports cars in the States is still possible.

In the Japanese and European markets, the start of sales of the new Toyota GR 86 is scheduled for the very twenty-first.

Approximately two-door will cost about $ 30,000 (2.3 million rubles at the current exchange rate). Alas, no deliveries of the model to Russia are planned, although the predecessor was sold with us for some time.

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