Toyota GR GT3 2023.

Toyota GR GT3 2023.

Toyota GR GT3 2023.

Toyota GR GT3: a precursor of a standalone sports car from Gazoo Racing.

Premiere of a conceptual coupe Toyota GR GT3 has taken place on one of the stands of the Tokyo Motor Show 2022.

The Japanese have not provided any information about it.

However, developers have noticed that in the future the racing division of «Gazoo Racing» will create sports car from scratch and not remake existing production models (as now).

Thus, the Toyota GR GT3 may well be the forerunner of the first fully independent car from the mentioned division.

Anyway, the shown two-door has a spectacular appearance with a long hood and developed aerodynamic dodger, typical for sports cars GT3 class.

This is definitely not an electric car as there are neat exhaust pipes behind its front wheels.

At the same time there is no data on the units put in the car. Whether it will be a full-fledged track supercar, or the car will be adapted for public roads — is unknown.

Toyota GR GT3 2023.

Anyway, do the Japanese plan to bring the show car into production — is also a question without an answer.

The coupe Toyota GR GT3 looks suspiciously similar to the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 concept.

Toyota Gazoo Racing caught our attention by introducing the GR GT3 coupe at the Tokyo Motor Show last week.

And some experts saw the similarity of the new sports car with the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 of 2020.

Toyota GR GT3 2023.

Both concepts were inspired by racing and were not intended for production.

However, looking at their photos, we can definitely see some commonalities.

The most obvious are the proportions: the long hood, the coupe-shaped roof and the massive aerodynamic dodger, for example.

The body, of course, is different, but the suspension units seem almost identical.

Toyota GR GT3 2023.

Also, both sports cars had vents in the fenders and side exhausts, although they are common features of GT3 race cars, along with huge rear fenders.

That said, the Mazda sports car’s windshield is more sloped, and its front overhang looks a bit longer.

In addition, there is almost a two-year gap between the two models, so the design may have changed significantly over that period.

Toyota GR GT3 2023.

As for the platforms and powertrains, Toyota has not revealed any information. We can see the exhaust tips hinting at an internal combustion engine.

As for the RX-Vision GT3, it was promised a 562-horsepower engine. Recall, this concept was developed as a virtual race car for Gran Turismo based on the magnificent 2015 RX-Vision.

And also the Japanese media, which were the first to talk about the similarity of the two sports cars, suggested that both concepts have the same basis, and more precisely the upcoming Mazda rear-wheel drive platform.

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