Toyota Harrier 2021.

Toyota Harrier 2021

Toyota Harrier 2021.

Toyota Harrier 2021: the new crossover on all-wheel drive with two electric motors.
Toyota Harrier or simply “ferret” survived the generational change and will appear on the world stage this year. It is noteworthy that before the car did not enter the global market, appearing pointwise in a number of countries.

Why the Japanese have discerned the potential of the model is only now unknown, nevertheless, the new generation (fourth in a row) really has every chance to occupy its niche in the consumer market.

Toyota Harrier 2021


Supporting the general trend, Toyota continues to electrify its range. It is noteworthy that, unlike the same VW, which in a hurry to form their all-electric lineup, the Japanese decided to focus on hybrids.

Why it is so is not clear, but before this brand tried to keep up with new technologies. However, the policy of the manufacturer in recent years no longer surprises anyone, as does the decline in sales.

Back to the technique. In general, Harrier is not the most independent model of the brand. The first generations were Lexus clones, and the last restyling altogether changed its shoes almost to RAV4.

Same thing with the new generation. The ferret is based on the TNGA cart (RAV4 is built on it), which is great for building hybrids.

In addition to electrification, one can note the ability to build front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions of the SUV, use an independent suspension (a combination of MacPherson and multi-link), apply a CVT robotic transmission and install the latest engines of the brand from the Dynamic Force Engine line.

Toyota Harrier 2021

On the motor scale it’s just worth stopping in more detail. Conventional and hybrid options are expected a lot.
The first will be presented in two versions: a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 171 hp. at 207 Hm and 2.5-liter at 178 hp at 221 Hm.

Hybrid configurations will look like this:

A pair of 171-horsepower motors complete with a 120-horsepower electric motor and an e-CVT gearbox (front-wheel drive only). In the total of 218 hp.;

A similar combination, which is complemented by a 54-horsepower electric train on the rear axle and thereby provides four-wheel drive. In total, 272 hp

Since there was no full-fledged presentation for obvious reasons, there is no more information about the filling of hybrids: battery capacity, range and the ability to use only electric traction.

Toyota Harrier 2021

What will be the appearance

For all its simplicity, Harrier is quite unusual, however, the same can be said about any other car of the brand.

If in the case, the front of the car received a proprietary version of the lowered radiator grille, sharp strips of LED optics and a decorated chrome molding in the center, echoing the lower body kit.

On the side you can see a rather short wheelbase with 19-inch wheels, a dynamic profile with a sloping roof, a mounted spoiler and a heavy feed.
The latter received an interesting version of the marker lights with an LED bridge. This is perhaps the only element that distinguishes the back of the ferret from the RAV4.

Toyota Harrier 2021

What will be the salon

Harrier will be offered in two versions: with one or two sofas at the back. By the number of seats 5 and 7, respectively. According to the finishing materials, the use of genuine leather, fabric, metal elements and plastic is claimed.

Regarding interior design, the situation here is noticeably better than in RAV4. In the presented photos you can observe a laconic color scheme from the interweaving of dark gray and brown elements.

A huge display that takes up almost the entire torpedo. Well-designed center console with well-entered deflectors and a panel of physical buttons.

The central tunnel is completely lined with leather and got two cup holders and a curtain with a niche for small things.
Regarding seats, the first row consists of two sports seats with an adjustable angle of inclination of the head restraints, a standard sofa with a folding armrest and orthopedic back.

Toyota Harrier 2021

How much is the new Toyota Harrier

Although the novelty is announced for the next year’s lineup, SUV sales will start in the summer of 2020. True, this applies so far only to the Japanese market. In the European, American and our markets, the crossover is likely to appear only at the beginning of 2021.

Regarding the cost, the price tag starts at 2.1 million rubles. Naturally, for the usual ICE version.
The price of an all-wheel drive hybrid has not yet been announced. For comparison, the 2020 RAV4 starts at 1.4 million.

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