Toyota Highlander 2022.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

Toyota Highlander 2022: a large family car with the features of a «passerby».

Practical family cars are popular not only in Japan, but also in many other markets around the world.

That is why the leading brands periodically carry out restyling of the most popular models.

So appeared and Toyota Highlander 2022, which received a serious redesign not only the appearance, but also the interior, as well as, despite the previous power unit, and the undercarriage characteristics.

As a whole, despite all «family», the car has turned out more wickedly and dynamically than its forerunner, and for sure will please not only experienced, family, but also young drivers.


Judging by the photo, the new car has a more modern, but at the same time and unified with similar models exterior.

Thus, the novelty began to look more interesting, but also lost its individuality, preserving its basis only in general features.

The new model looks much brighter in the front projection, where it combines undisguised aggression and conservative «minivan» style.

The muzzle put on a middle height here absolutely does not stand out with dimensions among competitors.

Under the sloping windshield you can find slightly bent forward big hood with an elevated central part.

Immediately below it there are stretched «icons» of the headlights with high-quality LED stuffing.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

The radiator grille is slightly reduced in size, has acquired the shape of a regular trapezoid and has retained the decorative chrome plaque with a large brand symbol in the upper part.

Toyota Highlander 2022 became more lean and sporty due to athletic aerodynamic transitions, larger cutouts with ventilation grills and fog lights round shape and wide trapezoidal lower air intake.

At the bottom, in the center of it, runs a solid plastic lip with additional protection elements.

Profile of the new body attracts attention with a slightly rounded relief, in which all other elements are included: the barely visible roof rails, small windows in strict black and plastic edging, mirrors on a solid leg and small door handles.

Complementing the appearance are huge ovals of wheel arches with bright discs inside and visibly protruding sills.

Behind the car is made in pure crossover style: light, wavy spoiler-corner covers slightly sloped luggage compartment window, and immediately below it there is relief wall with wide trapezoidal chamfer for license plate.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

Immediately above it, in the corners, are located almost triangular elongated LED lights.

As for the bodykit, it is less aggressive than the front one and has a lot of interesting details: large, located under the slope foglights, a massive diffuser with aerodynamic strips, as well as barely visible «protection» and a large exhaust pipe protruding from behind the bumper.


Inside the new Toyota Highlander 2022 model year, you can find only premium trim materials, among which natural leather intricately intertwined with inserts of metal, high-quality plastic and alcantara.

The highest level of comfort is provided by perfectly profiled seats, «smart» driver’s aides and solid multimedia equipment.

Controls and controls

Steering wheel with leather-covered fluffy rim and lots of buttons on the side spokes unchanged from the previous version of the machine.

But the dashboard, located immediately behind it, with the classical tachometer, speedometer and trip computer is slightly «grown», and a large display of the command and entertainment center, located slightly to the right, boasts new features.

Of the other elements located on the torpedo, it is worth noting small air deflectors and quite complex, at least visually, the block of work with the climate control.

As for the central tunnel, it remained floppy and wide, with a small technical panel and an elegant gear selector, cup holders, organizer and armrest, in the depths of which hides an additional large, cooled box.

Seating and luggage compartment

The seven-seater car can brag of leather covering and soft filling of all seats, however, the quantity of accessible functions will decrease from row to row.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

If the first two seats can brag of electro settings of position, heating, a massager and developed lateral support, then the average sofa is deprived of the last two options, and on back seats it is possible to adjust an angle of slope of a back only slightly.

Luggage compartment of the car is impressive: if with fully raised armchairs its volume is about 600 liters, then having folded both rear rows, you can get free space about four times more!


In possession of domestic motorists Toyota Highlander 2022 will get only with a 3.5-liter gasoline engine, issuing 249 taxable horsepower.

The gearbox is not alternative: the eight-speed «automatic», as well as a drive, is always full.

But with «hybrid» which output reaches 240 «horses», unavailable for Russians, the transmission will be already another.

Toyota Highlander 2022.

As shown by test drive, this variant will be much more economical: 6,8 liters of fuel per one «hundred» against 9,5 liters of petrol engine.

In general, this almost five-meter long giant with respectable ground clearance of 20,4 centimeters will be able to solve practically all problems both on a road, and out of it.

Options and prices

On the market the updated model will be offered with only two options. The cost of the initial one will be 3.86 million rubles, the price for the more prestigious one will be 600 thousand more.

Start of sales in Russia

The question of the release date in Russia novelty is no longer relevant, as the first copies have already gone on sale in 2021.

Competing models

In the segment of «big» parkettes continues a fierce struggle, and here the Highlander will easily compete with the Volkswagen Teramont, Honda Pilot, Hyundai Palisade, Nissan Pathfinder and Kia Sorento.

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