Toyota Hilux 2021.

Toyota Hilux 2021.

Toyota Hilux 2021.

Toyota Hilux 2021: luxury SUV pickup.
The event of the last season was the presentation of an improved version of the popular Toyota pickup truck of the Hilux series.

In the new edition, Toyota Hilux 2021 differs from its predecessor in a more aggressive body design, expanded functionality of technical and electronic equipment.

The assets of the new items are traction and consumption parameters of the power unit, which are perfect for their class, comfortable seats and increased efficiency of security systems.

The new model of a utility vehicle meets the needs of small businesses and outdoor enthusiasts.


In the photo of the pickup in the front view, along with new design developments, the layout elements of the RAV4 crossover are visible. This combination creates in the mind the image of a stylish, dynamic and largely aggressive car, capable of coping with any task.

Toyota Hilux 2021.

In frontal projection, the Toyota Hilux 2021 demonstrates:

• harmonious combination of ribbed and wave reliefs of the massive bonnet;

• decorative chrome plating of the corporate identity and upper semi-perimeter, as well as a curly protective panel for the radiator cladding;

• futuristic design of front optics with powerful LED-fittings.

The lower segment of the massive front end includes a protruding bumper, a set of fog lamps and a figured protective panel for the lower ventilation duct. Part of the decorating functionality is performed by a large number of details of the sports-aggressive stepped relief.

From a profile perspective, the new body is a typical example of a pick-up layout classic. In the spotlight:

• flat roof and dark plastic cover of the side glazing;

• tonal contrast of chrome mirrors and black door handles;

• massive plastic inserts of square wheel arches and a static step.

The off-road status of the new pickup is confirmed by the high ground clearance and the design of 18-inch wheels.

The restyling of the stern has identified itself with a bright and expressive tuning. In the field of view — a tailgate decorated with the brand logo and silver nameplates, a vertical arrangement of multifunctional lamps placed on the side posts.

The lower part of the stern attracts attention with the width of the footboard and the rounded contours of the sidewalls, complete with protective linings. The Hilux pickup truck of 2021 is one of the few models that can take up to 1240 kg of cargo on an open platform.

Toyota Hilux 2021.


The aggressive styling details characteristic of the external appearance are absent in the design of the hospitable and rather comfortable two- or four-seater saloon.

Depending on the configuration, the novelty will receive fabric or leather trim, a standard or top-end set of equipment, as well as comfort-forming options.

The design of the front panel is dominated by minimalism. In stock:

• instrument panel with a combination of analogue dial indicators and a digital computer monitor;

• a block of two ventilation deflectors and a clock face located on the upper floor of the console;

• a media tablet supplemented with command functions with touch-button control;

• a two-level control panel with buttons and washers for adjusting the onboard equipment.

According to experts, the level of control automation, the functionality of onboard equipment and electronic equipment complies with the current European standards.

Toyota Hilux 2021.

The tunnel design starts with a set of cupholders, followed by the technical sector with a power train control lever and a regular set of organizers. The tunnel is completed by a folding armrest, which combines the functions of the refrigerator compartment cover.

Front seats with pronounced lateral and lumbar support are equipped with ventilation and heating systems, as well as several ranges of working adjustments. Rear seat passengers can recline the backrest and convert the middle seat into an armrest convenient for long journeys.


Implemented in harmonious ratios of 5355 x 1855 and 1820 mm, the external dimensions are well combined with the frame structure of the pickup truck, as well as the structural properties of the platform and chassis.

The chassis has an independent leaf spring suspension with adjustable vibration dampers, reinforced anti-roll bars, enhanced capabilities of electronic assistants and security systems.

• The new generation Toyota Hilux 2021 offers a choice of two petrol and two diesel powertrains. In the first version, this is a 2.7-liter internal combustion engine with an output of 163 hp. and a four-liter turbocharged engine that develops power up to 278 hp.

• The characteristics of diesel analogues are more modest, respectively 2.4 l / 150 hp. and 2.8 l / 177 hp. The multidisciplinary test drive showed the acceleration dynamics optimal for each drive and the ability to tow a 3.5 ton trailer.

The engine range works in an efficient and efficient tandem with a 6-speed manual transmission or its automated counterpart.

Toyota Hilux 2021.

Options and prices

The new Toyota Hilux 2021 model year is promised in versions with two- and four-seater cabin layout.

Taking into account the power of the drive and the number of seats, the price of new items in the ruble range is declared from 1.5 to 2.2 million.

A wide range of additional paid options will also be offered.

Sales start in Russia

The demand for powerful and expensive pickups in the domestic market is steadily low, so the new product was initially focused on the needs of the European and American driving contingent.

The release date in Russia may be valid for small trial shipments.

Competing models

The new Japanese pickup can compete with its counterparts in a class not lower than Mitsubishi L200, Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Navara or Ford Ranger.

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