Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 2022.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 2022.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 2022.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 2022. A 430 hp Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 restomod has been unveiled.

Tuning company TLC Automotive has presented a project of 430 hp restomod, which is made on the base of Japanese off-road car Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62.

The novelty got 430 hp of power and a number of modern assistants.

If you’re looking for a classic Toyota Land Cruiser with modern features and safety systems, you should check out this recent build from TLC Automotive.

The company is solely dedicated to restoring and modifying exactly the Land Cruiser series SUVs.

Exactly this version of the Japanese legend rolled off the assembly line in 1988. The resulting restomod costs $175,000 or 12,880,000 rubles.

The entire project starts with the restoration of the Land Cruiser without the frame, and the specialists from TLC managed to restore it even better than it was originally.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 2022.

Instead of the original inline six-cylinder engine, there is now a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 that develops 430 horsepower and 576 Nm of torque.

It runs through GM’s 4L65E four-speed automatic transmission.

By comparison, the 1988 FJ62 came with a 4.0-liter inline-six engine rated at 155 hp. The V8 in this build has 2.7 times the power of the original powertrain.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 2022.

The SUV has Old Man Emu suspension, and TLC claims the parts make for a much more comfortable ride. 33-inch BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 tires provide good off-road traction. Disc brakes have also appeared at the rear.

While the exterior looks standard except for the wheels, the interior has received many upgrades.

The seats and door panels are upholstered in new leather. The seats are heated, and there are new HVAC controls.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 2022.

The redesigned dashboard includes an infotainment system with navigation.

Not too long ago, our publication wrote about a custom Toyota Hiace van being unveiled on the web.

A recent video published on YouTube shows a custom Toyota Hiace van.

Among other things, the small van has a fully equipped kitchen and a full-size bed.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 2022.

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