Toyota MR2 2024.

Toyota MR2 2024.

Toyota MR2 2024.

Toyota has decided to revive the MR2 sports car, the last copy of which rolled off the assembly line back in 2007.

The new version of the Japanese model should appear in three years. According to preliminary information, it will have a hybrid unit, based on V6 engine.

We should remind that two years ago the first rumors about returning of the cult Toyota MR2 have appeared.

And initially it was supposed that Japanese company will cooperate with Porsche, which will help to revive the sports car.

But now this information is not confirmed yet. Toyota company as a whole is not ready to tell about its new project.

As noted by the Japanese media, citing sources close to the manufacturer, the future sports car will retain the medium-engine layout.

Its appearance will be made in aggressive style (photo: That is the developers will refuse that laconic design which was realized in the last version of Toyota MR2 in 2004.

Toyota MR2 2024.

But such approach to development of the novelty looks quite justified, if to take into account popularity of similar sports cars on the world market.

More interesting is the information about the technical part of the Japanese model. Most likely the future Toyota MR2 will be an electrified automobile.

In favor of this fact evidences the fact that Japanese sports car is planned to sell in Europe where demand for cars with traditional internal combustion engines falls and requirements for such engines are constantly increasing.

It is more likely that the Toyota MR2 will appear with a hybrid unit, which will be combined with a high-voltage battery.

Toyota MR2 2024.

The cumulative output of such a unit is predicted to reach 400 hp. But Toyota has not yet confirmed this information either.

Toyota MR2 2024: What will happen with the return of the iconic Japanese sports car?

Toyota has decided to resume the ambitious project to develop a successor to its iconic Toyota MR2 sports car.

The model will see the light of day in 2024 with an electrified manual that will highlight the V6 engine.

Over the past few years, there has been repeated speculation that Toyota will bring back one of its most iconic sports cars in recent history.

Toyota MR2 2024.

What’s the truth about the return of the Toyota MR2?

New information has emerged from Japan about a project that Toyota will embark on to produce a successor to the MR2.

The project, which was frozen for a while, but has now been given the green light again.

However, the launch of the new MR2 will not be a one-off event. The Toyota Celica will also return.

Besides the aesthetic part, which is not trivial, all the most interesting is in the interior. And it is neither more nor less than the power plant.

It’s true that the new GR 86 doesn’t bet on electrification, but at the moment Toyota can’t afford to add traditional mechanical models to its product range in Europe.

Toyota MR2 2024.

That’s why we have to pay special attention to those reports that indicate that the new MR2 will be electrified.

A combination of a V6 gasoline engine with an electric motor and a high-voltage battery is not ruled out. Such a plug-in hybrid kit, which offers a maximum output of about 400 hp.

This new sports car is expected to see the light of day sometime in 2024. There are still many unknowns, so we have to keep a close eye on possible leaks or new reports.

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