Toyota Prado 2023.

Toyota Prado 2023.

Toyota Prado 2023.

Toyota Prado 2023: all the details about the all-new generation of the frame SUV.

The Land Cruiser Prado, which is the «little brother» of the base Cruzac, is being updated about a year after the main model.

Projecting this observation on the fact recently debuted Land Cruiser 300, we could expect that in the summer of 2022, we will see a new Toyota Prado 2023 model year, which, by the way, the Japanese media have already begun to intrigue the whole automobile world, releasing the «hot» news about the novelty.

According to the latest data, the debut of the new Toyota Prado has been decided to postpone for another year — until 2023 — because of the upcoming global renewal of the company’s lineup.

Toyota is preparing to release new versions of the Crown, Noah/Voxy/Esquire and Alphard/Vellfire, which will take a large amount of work resources, and the second reason is the growing demand for the Toyota Prado current generation.

In fact, the «current» SUVs are selling better and better, in addition, in 2020, the Japanese have prepared a more powerful diesel engine for the car and seriously updated the Toyota Safety Sense.

Overview and latest news

As in the case of the Land Cruiser 300, on Japanese sites have appeared first unofficial renderings of a completely new Toyota Prado 2023 model year, which «prisyvayut» new optics and rims, trying on the body more rough outlines of the side chisels and new grille.

Toyota Prado 2023.

It is interesting that local journalists have already called as a confirmed fact lengthening of wheelbase and keeping overall length of the vehicle.

According to them, it is done to increase interior space and improve maneuverability.

There are also assumptions that similar to the «big brother» Prado will receive aluminum body parts.

But experts are not so sure about it, since the model itself is positioned as more accessible and inexpensive compared to the basic Land Cruiser, which may force engineers to give preference to conventional steel.


The interior of the Land Cruiser Prado 2023 SUV is likely to be a simplified version of the 300 model’s interior, although the upcoming update could theoretically take the model down its own path of internal architecture.

Toyota Prado 2023.

No data about equipping the cabin with multimedia devices or modern comfort systems is not given yet, which is understandable: two years before the premiere, there is simply no reason to plan to install the rapidly upgraded components of the vehicle’s onboard systems.

Specifications and first information about the new stuffing

New engine range is also still in the status of unsubstantiated speculation, but if we believe Japanese journalists, the Prado will remain modernized diesel 1GD-FTV with working volume of 2.8 liters and 2.7-liter atmospheric petrol engine 2TR-FE.

Most likely, a hybrid will be added to them, and the six-speed automatic transmission will have a similar «box» with 8 speeds.

Also, recently the Japanese edition BestCarWeb referring to private sources, reported that for the next generation of Toyota Prado 2023 SUV is preparing a completely new diesel-hybrid with a working volume of 2.5 to 3.5 liters.

Toyota Prado 2023.

When will it be released in Russia?

Toyota Prado remains a mega popular SUV in the Russian market, including the secondary market, so he updated version can get right after the world premiere.

The latest news indicates that it will be around the middle of 2023, when the Japanese will already be able to fully appreciate the success of its Land Cruiser 300.

No doubt, managing to heat up the degree of interest in the presentation of the 300th model to the maximum, the manufacturer will try to justify the expectations of the fans of the brand and on the part of the modifications to more affordable version of the SUV.

Toyota Prado 2023.

And to fill the annual pause, Toyota has prepared a «jubilee» specification Toyota Prado, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Land Cruiser — 70th Anniversary.


Toyota Prado in the Russian market competes with the following SUVs:

Land Rover Defender (prices: from 4,240,000 rubles);
Kia Mohave (prices: from 3,499,900 rubles);
Volkswagen Touareg (prices: from 4,654,000 rubles);
Mitsubishi Pajero;
Isuzu MU-X (Coming soon to Russia);
Haval H9 (prices: from 2,620,000 rubles).

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