Toyota Prius 2022.

Toyota Prius 2022.

Toyota Prius 2022.

Toyota Prius 2022. Toyota is preparing the next-generation Prius: it may get a new platform.

The Japanese company intends to continue producing the Prius hybrid along with all-electric novelties.

Toyota Prius remains one of the most popular hybrids all over the world.

The current fourth-generation model was introduced in 2015, and it underwent a restyling three years later.

One of the main markets for the Prius is the States. For the «covid» 2020 customers bought 43,525 copies (37.6% less than the year before).

This year, the model’s performance in the U.S. is up, with customers buying 55,064 units between January and November (nearly 40 percent more than in the first 11 months of 2020).

In Europe, the results of Toyota Prius is much more modest, but the Japanese brand does not intend to bypass this market in the future.

In the crisis last year, the model sold 4,605 units in the Old World, which is 38.2% less than in 2019.

This year, the hybrid continues to decline: from January to October (more recent data is not yet available), dealers sold 2,693 units here. (32.6% less than in the first ten months of 2020).

Toyota Prius 2022.

Previously, it was expected that Toyota will introduce the next-generation Prius in 2022.

Later, there were doubts about this plan, because the manufacturer has actively taken up development of its own electric cars, and therefore could decide not to spend money on development of new hybrids (especially taking into account the fact that in Europe, for example, they plan to further introduce a ban on the production of new cars with internal combustion engines).

However, plans to release the Prius of the fifth generation in 2022 is confirmed by British edition Autocar with reference to Andrea Carlucci, vice-president of Toyota Europe.

According to him, the Prius has been an icon for Toyota for many years, moreover, the model was a pioneer in the field of electrification.

He added that he could not disclose details, but hinted that the new generation is worth waiting for, with the company intending to make sure the Prius will still be a segment leader in terms of technology used.

According to the company, Toyota will focus more on electric cars in Europe (there are plans to accelerate development), but on a global scale, the brand’s «center of gravity» is still shaped around hybrids.

Toyota Prius 2022.

No official technical data about the future novelty is available yet, but the publication noted that Toyota Prius fifth generation can be based on E3 platform.

The company develops this architecture for the European market and assumes that it will combine various elements of TNGA-C and e-TNGA platforms (it is the basis of bZ4X crossover presented at the end of October).

Toyota Prius 2022.

The new E3 «bogie» will be able to produce all-electric cars, as well as «conventional» and plug-in hybrids.

What exactly will be «stuffing» of the new Toyota Prius is not reported yet. It is not excluded that the company will use the experience that was used to create hybrid system of new generation that was equipped with Toyota Corolla Cross for Europe.

Toyota Prius 2022.

We shall remind that it includes 2,0-liter four-cylinder gasoline «atmospheric» of the family Dynamic Force, electric motor and electromechanical variator. The cumulative output of this unit in the parketnik is 197 hp.

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