Toyota Prius Prime 2020.

Toyota Prius Prime 2020..

Toyota Prius Prime 2020.

Toyota Prius Prime 2020 is a hybrid with a new design and low consumption.
When the first Prius hybrid came out in a new body, many got used to it for a couple of years, and recently it even began to seem cute. And for 2020, Toyota has announced a new generation of advanced rechargeable hybrid with an even more artsy appearance.

By the way, in the name you can see the prefix Prime, which means that the Prius now supports charging from a regular outlet. What interesting is hidden under the intricate shell, we will consider below.


The main technical difference between the Prius compared to its predecessor is the ability to recharge from the outlet and the range, so let’s start with them.

According to the latter parameter, the new car, in comparison with Toyota’s competitors, was not a winner. It is stated that only on the Prime train will travel 35.4 km, which, according to polls, will be enough for 50% of Americans to get to work and back, and if there is an opportunity to recharge in the parking lot, then 70%.

Toyota Prius Prime 2020.

At the same time, Chevrolet offers a hybrid with a similar indicator of 85 km, and Hyundai with its Ionica shows a result of 50 km.

Nevertheless, compared to its predecessor, the Toyota Prius Prime 2020 doubled the result (in the previous generation there was a margin of 18 km). This was made possible by installing batteries with an increased volume. If earlier there was a 1.4 kW * h battery on board (in the maximum configuration), now the base is 8.8 kW * h.

As already indicated, you can charge from a regular outlet for 110 and 220 V. After the last, new 35 km will be available in 2 hours 45 minutes. The charging indicator, by the way, will be displayed in the mobile application, so you can track the charging status from the nearest cafe.

As for the power units, then there are no changes.
Like the pre-reform model, under the hood is a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with 98 hp at 142 Nm.

The train is represented by 72 hp. at 163 Hm. But the new Prime is distinguished by an advanced generator, which, with great dynamics, actively helps the other two security officials. Additionally, it was indicated that the Prius is capable of maintaining a speed of 135 km / h on electric traction alone.

Toyota Prius Prime 2020.

They also did not change the CVT box, and why change it if it is perfect. Whoever drives a Prius will say this is the softest gearbox on the market. Switching to electric traction is not felt at all here.

Now, actually, about the expense. For a hundred in hybrid mode, Prius will have 4.4 liters of fuel.
With a full tank, Prime will be able to travel more than 1000 km without refueling.

Of the innovations in the onboard stuffing, Toyota has finally added support for CarPlay, Amazon Alexa and SiriusXM radio.


And now about the sore point. If you don’t find fault with technology, then there have been many questions to Toyota designers for several years in a row. The brand’s design policy is at least incomprehensible to many motorists.

What is the manufacturer trying to achieve by making frankly strange shapes, where there is no place for aesthetics? Even the faceted Cybertruck from Musk seems more aesthetically pleasing.

If this is a game of futurism, why not go all the way? Instead, trying to sit on two chairs, Toyota offers a completely incomprehensible product.

Toyota Prius Prime 2020..

That’s what this joint on the front fender is with the glass, why such a huge difference in height at the stern, what is this strange rear window, dimensions and sharp edges on the rear fenders?

In general, as before, Toyota Prius will again look for lovers of such delights. The rest will buy only technical specifications and once again try not to look at the body.


In the Prime salon, the designers did not cheat. We have changed a lot, but everything is in line with modern trends.

The electrification is further emphasized by the huge multimedia screen on the front panel with vertical orientation. The fact that this is still a semeynik gives out the presence of many cup holders and a folding armrest block for the third passenger at the back.

The rest can be praised for not boring, moderately original chairs and a rear sofa, a convenient central tunnel with a contactless charging platform, a well-integrated audio system and well-played deflectors.

The only question remains for the white plastic linings. Time will tell how quickly they will run out.

Toyota Prius Prime 2020..


The Prius has plenty of competitors in 2020. In addition to the Volta and Ionica mentioned above, the following are entering the market:

Volvo V60 Plug In.
Golf GTE.
Audi A3 e-tron.
VW Passat GTE.

Most of which are close to the Japanese price offer.

Price and start date of sales

Sales will begin in the US this fall. The rest of the world will see a hybrid towards the end of 2020. How much will have to pay for premium configurations has not yet been reported.
For the basic version, Toyota will ask for 1.71 million rubles. Start of sales in Russia simultaneously with Europe.

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