Toyota Raize 2022.

Toyota Raize 2022.

Toyota Raize 2022.

Toyota Raize 2022. Products of Daihatsu subsidiary of Toyota brand have made their debut at the annual auto show in Tokyo.

The division specializes on production of budget cars, the list of which includes new crossover model — Toyota Raize 2022.

The novelty is focused on the specifics of the market in India, as well as developing countries of South America and Asia.

A characteristic feature of the new crossover is a significant difference in the configuration of base and subsequent modifications, the presence in the top equipment all-wheel drive and advanced functionality of onboard electronics, economical consumption characteristics of the power unit, increased efficiency of active safety systems.


The Asian origins of the 2022 Toyota Rise are most evident in the photo of the front end design. In the spotlight:

The moderate height of the hood’s longitudinal stepped profiles;

Combination of the black gloss decorative overlay with bright chrome-plated brand symbols;

relief contours and diamond-shaped cells of the radiator grille trapezoid.

Toyota Raize 2022.

Xenon front optics and fog lights complete with two-tier diffusers, as well as massive slats of the lower air intake and compact metal dodger are designed in the classic corporate style.

The design is dominated by elements of stepped body reliefs, so the crossover visually generates hidden aggression.

From a profile perspective, the new body demonstrates the typical features of the crossover layout, including a flat dome roof plane, plastic strapping of the three sections of side windows, large-format mirrors and muscular texture of the sides.

The presence of certain off-road potential can be judged by a high body landing, small-sized overhangs and a massive protective and decorative off-road attachments.

The entourage of the new crossover is successfully complemented by the «turbocharged» design of the silver 16-inch wheel disks.

Toyota Raize 2022.

In a dynamic sporty style, the layout and completion of the back of the body. Available:

plastic framing, a sharp spoiler lip and a sloping rear window slope;

luggage compartment door decorated with brand logo, overlay and inner segments of multifunction lights with exclusive graphics;

complete with plastic plugs, fog lights and a small-sized dodger, ribbed bumper profile.

According to experts, the evolutionary restyling of the Toyota Raize 2022 crossover SUV, complete with the latest design and construction solutions, is recognized as successful in terms of exterior styling and other automotive fashion trends.


In the standard version, the five-seat interior is finished with inexpensive, but quite beautiful and durable in operation fabric and leatherite materials.

Toyota Raize 2022.

Onboard electronics is presented by digital instrument panel, nominal in functionality multimedia display with 8-inch diagonal and air conditioner remote control.

Minimalism prevails in the equipment of the tunnel, complete with a switch of running modes of variator transmission, a standard set of organizers and convenient for long journeys armrest.

The design of the pilot seats with side support and a typical list of adjustments is copied from the older branded models with minor modifications.

Taking into account the small dimensions of the crossover, the three-seat sofa of the second row is rationally used for transportation of two medium-sized passengers.

Conveniences are presented by the reclining backrest and folding armrest.

Test-drive confirmed the effectiveness of the internal sound insulation of the cabin, the disadvantages include some lack of individual space.

The real loading volume of the luggage compartment is a little more than 300 liters. Transformation of the sofa back increases this parameter up to 449 liters. The full-size spare tire stowed in the floor niche does not affect the capacity of the compartment.

Technical features

Compact dimensions are, first of all, a bonus for the Indian automobile community, as owners of cars shorter than four meters receive significant tax discounts under the local legislation.

Toyota Raize 2022.

The body length is 3995 mm, width and height respectively 1695 and 1620 mm.

In the first generation, the Toyota Rise 2022 crossover received the DNGA modular platform adapted for compact cars, a chassis with a base of 2525 mm and a tandem of independent spring and torsion spring suspension.

The brakes are disc front and pad rear, the presence of stabilizers is specified. The number and functionality of safety systems are at the level of European regulations.

Clearance height of 185 mm allows to overcome the problematic areas of unpaved roads and water obstacles to a depth of 50 cm without any consequences.

The new crossover is powered by a liter turbocharged 1KR-VET petrol «trio» with output of 98 hp /140 N-m to which is added by a system of Dynamic Torque Control 4WD continuously variable V-belt drive transmission D-CVT series.

Options and prices

On the world market, the new 2022 model year Toyota Rice will be offered in two versions, priced in ruble terms from 1.1 to 1.4 million.

The price will be determined by the number and functionality of additional paid options.

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