Toyota RAV4 2020.

Toyota RAV4 2020

Toyota RAV4 2020.

Toyota RAV4 2020: new body and updated features.
This ultra-popular SUV is getting its fifth major facelift in its history.

This is due to the fact that the car has always been in great demand, and in order not to upset future buyers with the old equipment, the car was constantly being improved. Another new model has changed very much, and in all respects.

If earlier the car was classified as a crossover, then the Toyota Rav 4 2020 can already be safely considered an SUV both in appearance and in parameters. Here, the characteristics were significantly improved, a much more equipped salon appeared, and the exterior also became more formidable.

Toyota RAV4 2020


Recently, Toyota has learned to make its cars so that they are both formidable and stylish and solid at the same time. The new Rav 4 body is no exception. The photo shows that the novelty perfectly combines a variety of terrain, off-road elements and other bright details that all together form such an attractive appearance for many. This is where most of the success of this model lies.

Of course, the most important part of the car, as well as the most aggressive here, is the muzzle. It is made even more in the style of an SUV than a crossover, as it is set high and is medium in size. It also contains a bunch of both useful and purely decorative elements. A lot of relief can already be found on the long bonnet.

Most of it is placed on the sides, but small bulging stripes are found in the center. The head optics, which are slightly lower, are angled and take on a rectangular shape.

It will be filled with xenon or even LEDs, but only for an additional fee. Directly below the headlight, there are small recesses in the body, finished with plastic, which house round headlights designed to illuminate the road in foggy conditions.

Between the main lights, you can see a massive trapezoidal grille covering the radiator. It contains a coarse mesh, as well as a couple of wide lines running through the center of the air intake.

The front bumper body kit is almost completely filled with protective elements. There is a small air intake cutout, which is surrounded on all sides by a thick strip made of unpainted plastic, and the very bottom of the bumper is additionally reinforced with a metal plate.

Toyota RAV4 2020

The car is also formidable on the sides, but here it already looks more like a crossover, which it is. The low roof does not allow the designers to make large windows here, but they are not needed here, since such an aggressive appearance will suffer because of this. Here you can see a thin but long strip of glass, framed by chromed lines at the top and glossy at the bottom, and additionally decorated with large mirrors with subtle turning signals.

On the doors of the car, there are many undulating and stepped reliefs, as well as handles painted in chrome. At the bottom, polygonal arches with plastic extensions and a skirt, also reinforced with unpainted plastic, stand out.

Naturally, by making the car aggressive, Toyota made sure that it attracted attention with its rear end. About a third of the entire area is allocated here for the luggage compartment window, which takes the shape of a trapezoid. On top of it there is a visor, which has rather massive racks located on the sides of the window.

The rest of the tailgate is filled with triangular marker headlights and relief. A lot of space is also allocated for the body kit. As in the front, here almost the entire area is covered with unpainted plastic, which provides good body protection. Part of it is painted to look like metal. You can also find a couple of round tailpipes here, spread out at different ends of the bumper.

Toyota RAV4 2020


The crossover also got a noticeably updated interior, which was replenished with a huge number of all kinds of elements to increase passenger comfort. The new Toyota Rav 4 2020 model year will be trimmed with leather, which can be both natural and artificial, fabrics and metals.

The design of the center console here is noticeably different from what can be observed in other cars of the brand. The top of the dashboard is filled with a large display that can be controlled by buttons or touches.

Deflectors and an alarm button can be seen directly below it. Closer to the tunnel is a massive console with climate control elements. The tunnel itself received many technical elements, a pair of cup holders located in a small recess, as well as a very comfortable armrest that can be used by both the driver and the passenger.

The seats have undergone a deep modernization. This is especially true of the front seats, which have become somewhat wider and more comfortable. They received improved lateral support, a variety of electrical adjustments, a multi-zone heating system and adjustable head restraints. The back sofa is always equipped with an armrest and heating.

Toyota RAV4 2020


The 2020 Toyota RAV4 will be powered by a 2.5-liter petrol engine that produces 206 horsepower.

An eight-step robot will help him in this. The drive here can be either front-wheel drive or full. There will also be a hybrid version, the basis of which will be the same gasoline unit, but slightly deformed. The total capacity of the installation will be 180 horses.

As the test drive shows, the car in any configuration boasts good acceleration and cross-country ability.

Options and prices

The price of the car in America will start at $ 25,000, which is slightly higher than the cost of the pre-styling version.


Among the competitors of the car, one can single out Kia Sportage, Mazda CX-7 and Volkswagen Tiguan.

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