Toyota RAV4 2022.

Toyota RAV4 2022.

Toyota RAV4 2022.

Toyota RAV4 2022: luxury urban crossover.

In the fifth generation, the manufacturer positions the front-wheel drive compact crossover Toyota RAV4 2022 in the body of an SUV as a versatile vehicle with progressive equipment and a class-appropriate driving potential.

The new model demonstrates a proportional ratio of price and quality, complemented by elements of sporting aggression, an interesting body design, a comfortable interior of a five-seater saloon, impressive power and traction-speed characteristics of the components of the power units.

The indisputable advantages of the crossover, which received a deep restyling, are a new platform, a high level of boarding and road service, an expanded potential of electronic assistants and road safety equipment.


The front side of the body is designed in a dynamic and expressive sports style, with a share of brutality typical of American SUVs. In the spotlight:

slightly raised sidewalls of the engine compartment lid rounded along the front edge;

coarse textured trapezoidal mesh, complemented by the recognizable logo of the radiator cladding;

angular configuration of multifunctional head optics units combined with direction indicators with powerful LED fittings.

Toyota RAV4 2022.

The lower part of the massive front end includes a narrow protruding bumper, a set of fog lights integrated into the side diffusers, a large-format air intake and a protective figured body kit.

In the best traditions of American SUVs, the new crossover body looks in the photos and videos in a profile perspective. In stock:

narrow silver semi-perimeter and black rim of three-piece side glazing;

massive racks and built-in panoramic mirror direction indicators;

rectangular slightly protruding contours of roomy wheel arches with off-road 18-inch alloy wheels.

The muscular texture of the body sidewalls and a set of stepped reliefs concentrated on the arches, as well as high ground clearance, compact overhangs and off-road hinges of the lower body perimeter, harmoniously fit into the entourage of the novelty.

The design of the stern uses the characteristic features of the European crossover style. In the new, fifth generation, Toyota RAV4 2022 demonstrates:

Toyota RAV4 2022.

elegant side pillars and sharpened rear spoiler lip;

the tailgate decorated with the corporate logo, silver nameplates and transverse reliefs;

segment-exclusive graphics and configuration of multifunctional position / stop lamps.

The body kit includes fog lamps, a diffuser and a protective metal panel with two large-caliber exhaust tips.

Despite the minimal amount of decorative chrome, the new version of the 2022 Toyota RAV4 is visually perceived at the level of analogues in the higher price range.


In the configuration of the five-seater cabin, the changes are nominal, the range of high-quality finishing materials has been expanded, and the functionality of standard technical and electronic options has been added.

The three-spoke design of the multifunctional steering wheel opens up an excellent overview of the combined, analog-digital, instrument panel, and also provides convenient access to the two blocks of command buttons located on the upper plane.

The center console equipment is dominated by an 8-inch display that combines media and command functions.

The lower tier is occupied by a control panel with elements for adjusting the cabin microclimate and activating the standard options that form comfort.

Toyota RAV4 2022.

The tunnel structurally consists of a technical sector with a transmission shift lever, a set of organizers and an armrest, which in parallel is used as a sealed cover for the refrigerating chamber.

Comfortable, well-profiled and ergonomic seats of the first row are characterized by an extended range of operational adjustments, side support, as well as built-in ventilation and heating circuits.

The rear, quite comfortable and spacious sofa can accommodate three adult passengers without significant restrictions.

The loading volume of the spacious, regular-shaped luggage compartment can be increased from 580 to 1690 liters only due to the time-saving transformation of the sofa backrest.


External dimensions in the optimal ratio of 4600 x 1855 and 1685 mm determine the crossover’s belonging to the class of compact cars popular all over the world.

The running and off-road characteristics of the novelty are increased due to the wheel center-to-center 2690 mm and the clearance height 195 mm.

Toyota RAV4 2022.

In the design features of the new version — Toyota Rav 4 2022 — indisputable advantages:

reinforced universal platform TNGA;

combined rack-and-link suspension with transverse stabilizers;

a complete set of disc brakes and active road safety systems.

The engine range of models for the Russian market is limited to two gasoline «aspirated» with a volume of 2 and 2.5 liters, with an output of 149 HP / 206 N • m and 199 HP / 243 N • m.

The range of transmissions is represented by a 5-speed «mechanics», a continuously variable Direct Shift-CVT variator or an 8-band automatic.

The test drive showed the time to reach the first hundred of 11.5-8 seconds, the maximum speed of 190-200 km / h, the fuel consumption in the variable mode of 6.5-7.3 liters.

Options and prices

The new Toyota Rav 4 2022 model year will be offered to domestic motorists in four modifications.

The price will vary from 2 to 2.3 million Russian rubles.


Identical performance characteristics for similar models of the class Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Audi Q5, BMW X3, Citroen C4 Aircross and Chery Tiggo 2.

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