Toyota Sienna 2021.

Toyota Sienna 2021.

Toyota Sienna 2021.

In 2021, the fourth generation Toyota Sienna will enter the world market — a car that was designed in the United States, and which will be produced there, at the Texas Toyota plant.

This model was previously built on the Highlander platform, and now, like the current SUV, it has got the GA-K modular «bogie».

She added more space to the cabin of the Japanese minivan and actually forced the manufacturer to design a completely new body for the 2021 Toyota Sienna.

The most important achievement of the new model was the transition to hybrid technologies, and from now on there will be no versions with conventional internal combustion engines in the trim line.

4th generation overview

Modern minivans have to withstand serious competition from crossovers, or rather, their seven-seater modifications, which often offer equally comfortable conditions for passengers.

Toyota Sienna 2021.

This is clearly illustrated by the example of the American van market, which lost 15% of its sales in 2019.

Manufacturers of «minibuses» are trying in every possible way to regain their former positions, and one of the most high-profile applications of last year was a completely new Toyota Sienna 2021 model year.


The new 2021 Toyota Sienna looks more than worthy, continuing the glorious tradition of Japanese automotive design and successfully showcasing the most relevant signature features.

The front of the minivan is dominated by a huge mouth of the air intake, above which are located stylish narrow headlights.

Toyota Sienna 2021.

The relatively short bonnet and heavily recessed windshield promise excellent aerodynamics for this mini-liner, which should feel more than confident on the road thanks to its streamlined body and thoughtful rear architecture.

From an aesthetic point of view, it is also difficult to find fault with the new Japanese minivan Toyota Sienna 2021, at least it runs the risk of fulfilling its goal perfectly for motorists in North America.


One of the interesting features of the interior of the new Toyota Sienna 2021 model year is the wide central tunnel, which made it possible to erect a solid two-story structure between the front seats with a fairly large compartment for hand luggage.

Toyota Sienna 2021.

At the back, everything is more or less familiar: choosing between the LE, XLE, XSE, Limited and Platinum trim levels, you can get an eight-seat layout with a sofa located on the second row, or seven-seat options with captain’s chairs with retractable ottomans.

Of course, this can all be offered with leather upholstery in different shades.

Specifications and filling

For Toyota Sienna, this is the first hybrid experience, so the novelty has so far got the only uncontested unit, which consists of a 2.5-liter atmospheric «four» with a capacity of 189 liters. s, electric motor and electromechanical variator.

This trio is responsible for driving the wheels on the front axle, delivering a total of 246 hp from the hybrid powertrain. from. In the case of all-wheel drive AWD vans, another electric motor is placed on the rear wheel axle.

Toyota Sienna 2021.

The drive electronics allows you to choose between four operating modes for the hybrid motor:

• Normal (standard);
• Eco (economical);
• EV (electric);
• Sport (maximum power mode).

In «mixed» mode, the Sienna should consume about 7.1 liters per 100 km.

The Russian market is not interesting for the new 2021 Toyota Sienna, like many others, so the Japanese van will continue to conquer the hearts of the American public and compete with its eternal rivals in the face of the Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey.

It is already possible to officially purchase a new generation minivan from American dealers, while in Russia it is possible to purchase a car on order or from «gray» dealers, prices in rubles start at 6,000,000 rubles.

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