Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition 2022.

Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition 2022.

Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition 2022.

The 2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition is the all-wheel drive minivan of your dreams.
Minivan Toyota Sienna Woodland for outings in nature.
Crossovers have actually pushed classic minivans out of the market.

For example, Toyota Sienna in the best years sold in the United States with a circulation of 160 thousand cars a year, and the result of 2020 is only 43 thousand copies. But minivan makers are still trying to attract customers with «crossover» tricks.

For example, the new generation Kia Carnival is positioned as a cross-van. And the Toyota Sienna now has a Woodland Adventure Special Edition.

Fortunately, there were no lurid black linings on the sills and wheel arches. Instead, the minivan has gained a much more useful increase in ground clearance, although its value is not indicated (the base model has a clearance of 160 mm).

High-profile 18-inch wheels, roof rack and tow bar are also standard. And Toyota Sienna Woodland Special Edition has a standard all-wheel drive, which, however, is available for an additional charge for any other version of the model.

Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition 2022.

The current Sienna is only a hybrid. The front wheels are powered by an aspirated petrol 2.5 (192 hp, 239 Nm) and an electric motor (182 hp, 270 Nm), which give a total of 248 hp.

And on the rear axle there is a separate electric motor with a return of 54 hp. and 121 Nm. It connects only when necessary, while the developers assure that the rear wheels can have up to 80% of the total torque of the hybrid system.

Other features of the Woodland version include black bodywork and a special cement body color (also available in black metallic).

Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition 2022.

In the cabin there are separate «captain’s» second-row seats (for the base Sienna this is an option) and black upholstery. And for picnics, a JBL 1200 watt audio system and a 1500 watt household outlet will come in handy.

The Toyota Sienna Woodland Special Edition minivans will hit the US market in the fall. Pricing has not yet been announced, but other variants of this model range from $ 34,500 to $ 52,500.

Outside, the modification has a special Cement paint finish, although a Midnight Black metallic is available as an alternative.

The car also stands out with its dotted black décor and roof and towbar roof racks.

The ground clearance has been increased here, but the developers do not advertise its value (the default clearance is 160 mm), and high-profile 18-inch wheels complete the image of the novelty.

Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition 2022.

Of the features of the special version of the cabin, it is worth noting the black upholstery and separate «captain» seats in the second row, which are available for a surcharge for the regular version of the model. Passengers will benefit from a 1,200-watt JBL audio system and a 1,500-watt household outlet.

Like a standard minivan, the «tourist» Toyota Sienna Woodland has a hybrid power plant, in which a 2.5-liter aspirated engine with 192 hp is responsible for the rotation of the front wheels. (239 Nm) and an electric motor for 182 forces (270 Nm). the total productivity of these units is 248 «mares».

The modification already in the base has a four-wheel drive with a separate electric motor on the rear axle.

Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition 2022.

The latter develops 54 hp. (121 Nm) and connects only as needed. According to the manufacturer, up to 80% of the total torque can be transmitted to the rear wheels.

In the showrooms of American dealers, Toyota Sienna Woodland will appear in the fall of 2021.

The cost of the modification is not advertised, while the usual version of the model in the States can be bought at a price of $ 34,500 to $ 52,500 (from 2.5 to 3.9 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

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