Toyota Sienta 2023.

Toyota Sienta 2023.

Toyota Sienta 2023.

Sales of new Toyota Sienta microvans from Japan cheaper than LADA Vesta have begun.

New Toyota Sienta microvans straight from Japan began to appear in car dealerships.

The relevant announcements were found by on the websites of car dealers and their classified pages. Such cars cost from 750 thousand rubles.

For comparison, the cost of the pre-styling Vesta recommended by the automaker is almost 400 thousand higher.

Dealers from Primorsky Krai offer to bring right-hand drive Toyota Sienta.

For new cars without a run, buyers will have to pay from 850 thousand rubles.

Used cars with mileage up to 4,000 kilometers will be 100,000 more affordable.

All these cars will have front-wheel drive, and a 120-horsepower hybrid consisting of a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor will act as a power plant. Transmission — variator.

Right-hand drive microvans have power sliding side doors with keyless entry.

Among the options are all-round cameras, active safety systems, USB ports in the backs of the front seats, special pockets for gadgets, as well as multimedia with a 10-inch touchscreen and navigation.

Toyota Sienta 2023.

The third generation Toyota Sienta was introduced in August 2022. The car is built on the TNGA-B modular platform from the Yaris hatchback and the Yaris Cross crossover.

The interior of the microvan is designed for five or seven seats. The most expensive car gets all-wheel drive.

Along with this, the first picture was published, which fully reveals the appearance of the Japanese model (photo: Judging by it, Sienta has experienced a global modernization.

Toyota Sienta 2023.

So, the minivan acquired a new rounded head optics, along the perimeter of which LED strips stretched.

Between the headlights lies a decorative strip with a company badge.

Below is a large radiator grill, divided into 2 segments by a plastic insert.

On the sides of it stretches a metal edging. Probably, the interior has undergone no less extensive changes, although its design has not yet been disclosed.

Toyota Sienta 2023.

The new Sienta will be available in 5- and 7-seater versions.

In the first case, all torque is transmitted only to the front axle.

But with the 7-seater version of the minivan, it will be possible to order all-wheel drive.

By default, the Japanese model is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine.

For a surcharge, buyers will be offered a hybrid installation with a similar engine at the base. The characteristics of both units have not yet been disclosed.

Toyota Sienta 2023.

Japanese minivan in the home market will be presented in three versions.

The starting version is estimated at a minimum of 1.95 million yen, or 873 thousand rubles in terms of the current exchange rate.

For the hybrid version of the Sienta, they asked for 2.38 million yen, or just over a million rubles.

All-wheel drive modification costs 192 thousand yen more (86 thousand rubles).

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