Toyota Supra 2021.

Toyota Supra 2021.

Toyota Supra 2021.

Toyota Supra 2021: stylish sports car for a reasonable price.
Less than three years have passed since Toyota released a nice sports car called the Supra, when its update came quite unexpectedly.

However, for the Japanese, this modest restyling turned out to be quite predictable, since its ultimate goal is to expand the consumer audience in a potential crisis.

The 2021 Toyota Supra will be even brighter, more stylish, with a slightly updated interior and one new power plant. All this together, while maintaining an adequate price, can contribute to stable demand for a car in various regions of the world.


Judging by the photo, almost all parts of the body have changed, however, their dimensions and configuration remained the same as they were.

And the bright relief and aerodynamic details on the new model play not only a decorative role, but also contribute to stability on the road at high speeds.

Toyota Supra 2021.

In general, the car looks very aggressive, which should attract the attention of neighbors in the stream and pedestrians.

The front end of the 2021 Toyota Supra is most striking. It is still set not too high, but it looks wide, long and noticeably rounded at the front.

There are much more embossed decorations on the hood lid here than on the previous generation.

Immediately in front of this element, you can find drop-shaped lighting equipment, which, depending on the configuration, can be xenon or LED.

The large body kit contains most of the relief collected on the muzzle, as well as the main air intake elements.

In the center you can find three slits of medium size and the same shape, separated by modest strips of plastic. Smaller side slots allow air flow to the brakes.

Toyota Supra 2021.

Unfortunately, in any version there will be no fog lights, but aerodynamic transitions, the presence of which improves handling and increases speed, are present in quite a large number.

The profile of the new body looks quite compact, since it is still a sports car. Against the background of all this, embossed doors with small glasses in a glossy edging look very massive and bright.

The sporty theme continues in the small side mirrors. Their rounded outlines are a kind of «starting point» for smooth relief transitions, which are especially numerous in the back.

From below, these transitions rest against strongly protruding wheel arches, as well as thresholds, the protrusions of which are themselves aerodynamic elements.

The auto feed is the most aggressive part of the new product. It is located at a high angle, but visibility through the rear window is good due to its large area.

Directly below it, you can find a miniature trunk lid, the dimensions of which are discordant with the huge spoiler located on it.

Slightly below the narrow «dimensions» slightly deepened into the body flaunt, shaded by the volumetric relief.

Then comes the muscular body kit with slots for airing the brakes on the sides, a metal diffuser, understudy stoplights and round large slots for the exhaust pipes in different parts of the bumper.

Toyota Supra 2021.


The interior of the new 2021 Toyota Supra is in line with its remarkable exterior. From the finishing materials here you can find natural leather in several colors, alcantara and even carbon.

But banal fabrics and plastic will not be here. The overall style of the cabin is supported by the most modern entertainment system, as well as very comfortable sports-type seats.

Control and management bodies

The center console turned out to be relatively small, since the space in the cabin is rather small. The upper part is decorated with a large touch-type multimedia display.

Then comes a narrow strip of air ducts, and then — a small number of physical buttons located in the «piano» form factor. Below them are a few more washers for climate control and buttons that activate the heated seats.

The central tunnel begins immediately below these keys. Its front part is crowned with a recess for placing small things, as well as charging a smartphone and connecting external sources of information to a car.

Then comes the technical unit, headed by a gear selector and a small number of auxiliary buttons, and this element ends with an armrest with integrated cup holders. In addition, there is also a fairly roomy cooled glove compartment.

Seats and luggage compartment

The car has two seats in the form of luxury semi-sports buckets. They contain very soft padding, excellent leather trim and chic side support.

As additional functions, it is necessary to name the electrical position adjustment, as well as heating and ventilation, which buyers of top-end configurations can count on.
The trunk of the novelty, of course, does not differ in size, but several bags or packages will easily fit here.

Toyota Supra 2021.


A pair of powertrains is in store for the 2021 Toyota Supra. The initial gasoline turbo engine with a volume of two liters will habitually produce 257 «horses».

But the characteristics of the new engine are much more interesting: a volume of three liters will allow you to squeeze out 335 forces from it. This motor takes 5 seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h.

Unfortunately, the choice of the type of transmission and drive is not provided: it is always an eight-speed «robot» that transmits the forces of the motor to the rear axle.

You don’t even need to take a test drive to make sure that the car is capable of accelerating and driving quickly, but the cost of this comes at a rather high fuel consumption.

Options and prices

The starting cost of the car will go over 50,000 units of the American currency. The price of the stuffed version itself will be about $ 5,000 more.

Competing models

The updated Supra has traditional competitors: the Porsche 911, as well as the BMW Z4.

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