Toyota Supra 2022 sports car.

Toyota Supra 2022 sports car.

Toyota Supra 2022 sports car.

Toyota Supra 2022: a modern, affordable sports car.

After a long pause, the automobile brand Toyota returns to the market a compact rear-wheel drive sports car Toyota Supra 2022.

In its new incarnation, the sports coupe demonstrates flawless aerodynamics of the body, modern design of the two-seat interior, and advanced technical and electronic equipment in terms of perfection.

The design of the new sports car uses design and layout solutions of the extreme version of the German BMW Z4 prototype, supplemented with elements of the classic corporate style.

The new model is of increased interest to automobile amateurs who prefer a sporty driving style and the benefits of active touring.

Against the background of similar analogues, the 2022 Supra sports coupe looks dynamic and expressive in every respect.

The exterior is dominated by elements typical of professional high-class racing cars. The sports car is most clearly and expressively designed in the photo in the front projection. The peculiarities of the facade design:

Toyota Supra 2022 sports car.

The longitudinal wave reliefs of the elongated hood;
wedge-shaped top cladding and compact bumper;
the aggressive squint of the multifunctional units of the LED front optics equipped with «boomerangs».

Half of the front area is occupied by a set of large-format diffusers divided by vertical struts and decorated with a textured mesh air intake.

As additional decorations are used brand symbols and an assortment of ribbed sports-aggressive body embossings.

In profile, the new body shows the typical features of a sports coupe body layout. In sight:

An elongated engine compartment with cutouts of large wheel arches;
the compact, steeply sloping aft dome-type roof;
angular configuration of window glazing;
diagonal layout of additional air ducts.

The body side entourage also includes a set of signature wave reliefs and transitions, as well as black gloss five-blade 20-inch wheel rims.

Toyota Supra 2022 sports car.

The body’s stern design is no less stylish and presentable. In the complete set — decorated with the logo aerodynamic spoiler protrusion, futuristic graphics of wedge-shaped dimmer lights and vertical wide bumper with a deep recess for the license plate.

The design of the massive plastic trim is complemented by fog lamps, diffusers and two large-caliber exhaust pipes. Judging by the reviews of the visitors of the presentation, the post-reform Toyota Supra 2022 generated positive emotions of motorists of older and younger age categories.


With the interior design of the cozy, but strictly functional interior restyling was marked by an improvement in the quality of materials of the finishing assortment and the expansion of the working functions of the component equipment.

The front panel is distinguished by a somewhat unusual interpretation of the digital dashboard with centrally located tachometer, an elongated line of ventilation deflector and compact format of the central console with an 8-inch media-command display.

Toyota Supra 2022 sports car.

On the lower tier of the torpedo is located remote control with the activation elements of the multichannel audio system and the climate control.

A small portion of the command buttons is located on the upper plane of the three-spoke sport multilaterals.

The design of the tunnel offers easy access to the joystick transmission, a massive puck shift mode, a set of organizers. A comfortable armrest completes the layout of the tunnel.

The interior is equipped with two sporty, somewhat rigid bucket seats with full lumbar and side support.

Both seats are equipped with integrated headrests, electrified position settings, adjustable heating and ventilation systems.

The 280-liter trunk volume is limitedly suitable for transportation of block cargoes due to the complex configuration of the narrow door opening.


Edited in nominal size ratios of 4380 x 1865 and 1295 mm, the sports car’s exterior dimensions confirm its status as a compact car. The chassis with a base and ground clearance of 2470/140 mm is equipped with:

disc brakes of increased diameter;
running gear stabilizers;
comfortable multilever suspension with standard or adaptive shock absorbers.

Toyota Supra 2022 sports car.

Driving safety at extreme speeds is provided by a standard set of electronic assistants and active road safety systems.

In the fifth generation, the Toyota Supra 2022 has retained the advantages of the CLAR modular rear-wheel-drive platform copied from BMW.

Its advantages include lower weight and high resistance to a wide range of operating loads compared to its similar counterparts.

The base model of the sports car will receive a power unit consisting of a two-liter turbocharged gasoline four with an output of 197 hp/320 N-m and an automatic transmission with eight ranges. Power of the boosted analogue is respectively 258 hp /400 N-m.

The test drive confirmed the manufacturer’s starting and speed characteristics of the new model range. Acceleration time to the first hundred in 6.5 seconds, the built-in electronic circuit limits the maximum speed at 250 km/h.

Options and prices

On the domestic market, the new Toyota Supra 2022 model year is promised in basic and more powerful, top, modifications. The starting price of the base model is just over 5.5 million Russian rubles.

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