Toyota Yaris 2021.

Toyota Yaris 2021.

Toyota Yaris 2021.

Toyota Yaris 2021: stylish city car.
Most recently, the Japanese brand Toyota showed the automotive public a version of the popular Yaris for the Thai market.

Restyling is designed to slightly modernize the exterior and refresh the interior of the car. In addition, the 2021 Toyota Yaris will slightly improve technical parameters and “grow up” compared to versions for Europe and Japan.

There is no doubt that the novelty will find its customers due to the balanced ratio of price and quality, as well as bright appearance and the possibility of choosing a body type — a hatchback or a sedan — in accordance with your needs.


In the exterior of the new model, the features inherent in the Japanese brand are easily read, but there are also features that distinguish the novelty from others. In particular, these are large air intake systems with chrome elements, reworked optics and brighter relief.

In general, the silhouette of the car, judging by the photo, has lost its phlegmatic features and has become more dynamic.

Toyota Yaris 2021.

The front end of the new body looks bright and stylish at the same time. The windshield is rather strongly inclined, but it does not differ in its large size.

Its lower part smoothly merges into a small, rounded bonnet, which slopes strongly towards the road. It is equipped with longitudinal stripes that visually raise the central part.

Right under the hood, you can find elongated swept headlights with high-quality xenon or LED, depending on the configuration, filling.

The radiator grille consists of three parts: a central plastic insert with chrome-plated Toyota logo and two lateral chrome-plated horizontal louvres.

Below is the body kit slightly different from its predecessor shape. Its entire central part is occupied by a huge trapezoidal air intake, closed by a black plastic grille with a large hexagonal pattern and stamping under the license plate.

To the right and left of it, graceful inverted-point slots flaunt, into which fog optics can be built. The lower part of the body kit boasts a thin aerodynamic skirt with a barely visible protective layer.

The profile of the 2021 Toyota Yaris looks larger than it actually is, thanks to the rounded roof and slightly elongated front end.

Toyota Yaris 2021.

Above there is a complex-shaped window line, «dressed» in a wide black-plastic strip. Behind the hatchback’s rear window vents, there is an interesting gloss black insert that connects the windows to the upper part of the luggage compartment.

The relief combines strict edges and rounded transitions, abutting rather large wheel arches and elegant sills. And the look is complemented by large rounded mirrors, massive door handles and alloy wheels with an interesting pattern.

The stern of the novelty is distinguished by a rather large glass of the fifth door both in the hatchback and in the sedan and by very interesting polygonal LED optics.

Both cars will receive a strict, but discreet relief, including stamping under the registration plate, nameplates and a small but rather elegant bumper with foglights, a plastic diffuser and aerodynamic elements.


In the cabin of the new Toyota Yaris 2021 model year changes are much less, but they are very pleasant.

The quality of the plastics, fabrics and leather used in the interior decoration has been improved, and the entertainment system has also been improved.

But the chairs, which have always been distinguished by their convenience and comfort, have switched to the new product practically unchanged.

Toyota Yaris 2021.

Front end decoration

The center console looks massive and layered, but it doesn’t have a lot of physical buttons. Most of the command functions are assigned to the touchscreen widescreen display of the multimedia system and the convenient three-spoke multifunction steering wheel.

Approximately in the middle of the height of the dashboard there is a row of air ducts, and below in the center is the air conditioning control unit.

Then the central tunnel begins, in the front of which are the cup holders, a recess for small things and a socket for recharging the phone.

The tunnel then narrows, leaving room only for a technical dashboard with a sleek transmission selector, another organizer and a modest armrest with an extra carry-on box.

Seats and trunk

The car has five seats, and due to the large width of the car, three adult passengers can comfortably fit on the back sofa.

Each seat is sheathed with wear-resistant fabric or leather, has a comfortable shape and a rather soft filling.

Additional options include lateral support and heating, as well as mechanical position adjustments for the front row and the ability to tilt the backrest, as well as a folding armrest for the rear.

As for the volume of the trunk, it will depend on the type of body and will be about 380 liters for the sedan and about 280 liters for the hatchback with the rear seats raised.

If the sofa is folded, then this figure can be tripled, which was proved by a test drive.

Toyota Yaris 2021.


The dimensions of the Toyota Yaris 2021 for the Asian market slightly exceed those of their European counterparts: the length is 20 centimeters longer, and the width is almost three.

At the same time, the gasoline engine will have no alternative here: with a volume of 1.2 liters, it will be able to produce 92 «horses».

It will be coupled with a continuously variable variator and the same uncontested front-wheel drive.

Such underhood characteristics will allow the car to move around the city and the highway without problems, but this city kid is not intended for driving on bad roads.

Options and prices

The car will reach Asian buyers in at least three trim levels. The cost of the simplest versions of the car, in terms of Russian money, will be 850 thousand rubles.

The price of the most expensive modifications will go over the mark of 1 million rubles.

Competing models

The Japanese woman has quite a few rivals, the closest of them are Renault Sandero, Nissan Note, Mazda 2, Hyundai i20 and Volkswagen Cross Polo.

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