Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport 2023.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport 2023.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport 2023.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport has been officially unveiled for the European market: all the details about the equipment and characteristics of the cross.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport 2023 in the European variation was officially unveiled today.

In this version, the crossover received more sporty design. Moreover, this applies to both the exterior and the interior.

In addition, here for the car available a number of options that are not in the standard versions.

At the moment there is no exact start date of sales of the model, but it is reported that making a reservation will be possible in the third quarter of this year. The price is still unknown.

As for the appearance of Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport, the distinctive sports performance style is immediately apparent.

Of course, constructively the crossover has not changed, but in details it has gained some interesting solutions.

The car is equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels with a rather simple spoke pattern, but at the same time, stylish.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport 2023.

There is a new diffuser on the stern, and a different format of the radiator grille is worth noting in front.

The body of the model is presented in a two-tone trim, where the main tone is Dynamic Grey, and as a decor — black.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport 2023.

The interior of the crossover is dominated, on the contrary, by a dark scheme. The interior has the same sporty notes as the exterior.

The interior is trimmed with quality materials with the use of artificial leather.

Maximum comfort is provided by GR Sport Ultrasuede sports seats. The headrests of the seats are decorated with the logo «GR».

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport 2023.

The model offers a standard package of options with the presence of more advanced features.

Thus, the cross has a dual-zone climate control, heated seats, Toyota T-Mate package, control assist systems and tinted rear windows.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport in Europe will be offered with a hybrid unit HEV.

Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport 2023.

The base here is a 1,5-liter three-cylinder motor. Total capacity of all elements is characterized by the indicator in 116 horsepower.

As reported, the car will appear in dealerships in the fourth quarter of this year.


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