UAZ-3170 2022-2023.

UAZ-3170 2022-2023.

UAZ-3170 2022-2023.

UAZ-3170 2022-2023. The problems faced by the domestic UAZ at the end of last year were officially confirmed by its management.

The company does not currently have the available finances to engage in upgrading current projects or to try to implement new ones.

As a result, the strategy of the Ulyanovsk company comes down to one thing — to keep the production level that corresponds to the current demand as long as possible.

However, a number of rumors that have appeared in the network recently, suggest that the situation may change in the near future and UAZ will still produce new cars.

The fact is that the company Sollers, which owns the facilities of the company from Ulyanovsk, may merge with the American Ford.

UAZ-3170 2022-2023.

This manufacturer several years ago decided to give up selling cars on the Russian car market, leaving only commercial vehicles here.

If this event were to happen in reality, the company would have real funds which could be used to improve technology and develop a new model range.

It is possible that UAZ will return to the issue of resuming work related to the production of the model, which is already known as the Russian Prado.

New UAZ-3170 2022-2023 SUV already on tests

UAZ-3170 2022-2023.

Despite the lack of available finances, the management of the UAZ plant continues to update the model range as required by the market.

Recently, photos of a new concept from the Russian manufacturer appeared in the network.

UAZ-3170 2022-2023.

The presented model has already been dubbed the «Russian Prado». UAZ-3170, which may appear on sale next year, is now being tested and run-in.

The appearance of the model, which will definitely be an SUV, is more reminiscent of modern models from the American company Ford.

UAZ-3170 2022-2023.

It is worth noting that no technical details manufacturers have not yet reported, so it is not clear what engines the car will be equipped with and what options to expect in its various variations.

According to experts of Russian car market, even the price of 2.5-3 million rubles will not scare away buyers, and UAZ-3170 will be in demand.

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