UAZ Hunter 2022.

UAZ Hunter 2022.

UAZ Hunter 2022.

Judging by the latest news, UAZ is in constant search of foreign investors who are able to restore the financial position of the company.

Recent news indicates that this process has already been completed.

Images of the new 2022 UAZ Hunter have recently appeared on the web (source).

They show an upgraded version of the SUV, in which the familiar features can be guessed.

Visually, the updated Hunter is almost a complete copy of the Tank 300, which is produced by Great Wall.

According to rumors, the Japanese concern intends to establish a joint production of their own models with UAZ.

This scenario cannot be ruled out. Great Wall has repeatedly said that it intends to expand its presence on the Russian market.

To do this, the Chinese company is not only modernizing its own automobile plant near Kaluga, but it has already started building a new engine plant.

But probably only Haval cars will be assembled there.

UAZ Hunter 2022.

In favor of this assumption is the fact that the Chinese company today produces quite a lot of cars, the number of which is constantly increasing.

Therefore, if Haval continues to introduce new models to the Russian market, the Kaluga plant will soon run out of spare capacity.

Great Wall has other brands whose cars may be in demand on the Russian market.

Therefore, the Chinese company should urgently find additional capacity to start production of new models in our country.

UAZ Hunter 2022.

It should be noted that the information about the cooperation between UAZ and Great Wall has not been officially confirmed.

Most likely, the Hunter, depicted in the published images, will never enter the Russian market.

It is not profitable for Great Wall to produce essentially the second SUV, which is identical in appearance, but under a different brand name.

In this case, if the Chinese company will still establish the production of their own cars at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, the process will be separate from the assembly of UAZ models.

UAZ Hunter 2022.

In this regard, the future of the Hunter is still in question. It is possible that during 2022 the vehicle will not undergo significant changes.

The only thing that can be expected is the appearance of new special modifications, which will be produced in limited editions.

The announced plans to start production in Ulyanovsk of an electric version of the Hunter will most likely not be realized.

Firstly, this is due to the fact that UAZ does not have enough free funds.

Secondly, electric SUVs are not popular in Russia yet.

And if you consider that the Hunter is bought mainly by people who need a cheap car, the conversion of this model to electric will not be justified.

UAZ Hunter 2022.

The electric SUV will probably not be sold.

Perhaps in the next few years UAZ or a third-party company that will buy a stake in the Ulyanovsk auto plant will upgrade the Hunter.

This model, after all, is in stable demand in Russia largely due to its affordable price and good off-road capabilities.

If the above features can be preserved and other characteristics of the vehicle improved, sales of the Hunter will definitely grow. But this will have to wait quite a long time.

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