UAZ Poseidon 2022-2023.

UAZ Poseidon 2022-2023.

UAZ Poseidon 2022-2023.

The first Russian crossover UAZ Poseidon 2022-2023 has been presented: its price is only 1 million rubles?

Despite the UAZ management’s statements about independence from imported components, this company increased the price of its products by an average of 300-500 thousand rubles in March of this year.

This means that the Russian company has to look for new partners who will also act as suppliers of the necessary equipment.

The automotive portal designer believes that the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is capable of creating a new crossover UAZ Poseidon 2022-2023, which he depicted on his renders, and the Chinese Chery may help him in this.

Indeed, not so long ago it became known that Chery and UAZ began to establish cooperation.

Probably the Russian company will get the right to assemble one of Chery’s models under its own brand under license.

Judging by the presented renderings, a Jetour X70 crossover model will be made under license, which in China is estimated at 900 thousand rubles in Russian currency.

UAZ Poseidon 2022-2023.

However, with its production in Russia and delivery of all components, the price may increase slightly, experts suggest, up to 1 — 1.2 million rubles.

However, this will not prevent UAZ Poseidon 2022-2023 from competing with the more expensive Hyundai Tucson and Toyota RAV4.

Overall dimensions of the domestic model will be 4750/1900/1710 mm, length, width and height, respectively, with a wheelbase length of 2745 mm.

This will provide a comfortable ride on a crossover for five adult passengers. Besides, the crossover will be equipped with 18- and 20-inch wheel disks at the customer’s choice.

The engine range of domestic novelty with Chinese roots will include several gasoline-powered units.

The basic versions will be equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 156 hp and 230 N*m of torque combined with a 5-speed «mechanics» or 6-speed «robot».

UAZ Poseidon 2022-2023.

And in more advanced variants, the 1.6-liter «turbo four» with 197 hp and 290 N*m of torque will be installed under the hood.

It will be paired only with a seven-speed robotized transmission.

In the spring of this year, UAZ began a partnership with Chery: the body of the Chinese Chery Tiggo 8 crossover was spotted on the assembly line of the Ulyanovsk plant.

This news prompted independent designers to create a new crossover UAZ, which is a modified version of some Chinese model.

The donor can be chosen from the range of Jetour, Chery’s budget sub-brand.

Cheaper versions of the Tiggo crossovers are produced today under this brand.

UAZ Poseidon 2022-2023.

Designers have shown a new crossover UAZ «Poseidon» 2022-2023 model year, based on the Jetour X70 Coupe.

The seven-seat parkette is 4.7 meters long, which makes it comparable in size to the Hyundai Tucson and Toyota RAV4.

Externally, the Russian and Chinese cars do not differ much from each other: the changes are few and all of them are cosmetic in nature.

As the engine for «Poseidon» would suit a 150-horsepower turbo one and a half liters combined with manual transmission or «robot».

The list of options for a potential crossover would include a digital dashboard of 12.3 inches, multimedia with a large touchscreen, climate control, stabilization system, panoramic roof and spectacular alloy wheels.

UAZ Poseidon 2022-2023.

The most affordable UAZ «Poseidon» would cost 1.2 million rubles, a crossover with a maximum set of options would cost 1.5 million rubles.

This visualization is a figment of the imagination of independent artists. It has nothing to do with the real plans of the two automakers.

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