Vanwall Vandervell S 2023.

Vanwall Vandervell S 2023.

Vanwall Vandervell S 2023.

The Vanwall Vandervell S is announced in Germany.

The Vanwall brand is now remembered only by Formula 1 enthusiasts.

It was the name of the British racing team, which in the fifties, founded by Tony Vandervell, and the leading engineer was Colin Chapman (although he by then already had his own company Lotus).

But that stable stopped existing in 1961. But in her honor was named a modern German company Vanwall Racing.

It was founded back in 2000, and for a long time was called ByKolles Racing (in honor of the founder and owner Romulus Kolles), but last year it registered all the rights to the historic name and rebranded.

The company’s main focus is endurance racing (including the 24 Hours of Le Mans).

Last year was announced a new Vanwall Vandervell 680 car of its own design (before the team used ENSO prototypes), as well as its road version Vanwall Vandervell 1000 with a 1000 hp V8 engine.

Finishing of these cars is not completed yet, but the company has already announced another project that has nothing to do with races and hypercars.

Vanwall Vandervell S 2023.

This is a purely civilian hot-hatch called Vanwall Vandervell S.

There is very little information about it yet, only a few computer renders are published and there are no pictures of the interior.

Vanwall Vandervell S 2023.

Even the degree of independence of this development is not clear: most likely, it is based on «someone else’s» chassis, the origin of which is not disclosed.

Outlined only the general concept: it is an electric five-door hatchback golf class with twin-engine all-wheel drive.

According to the idea, Vanwall Vandervell S has 22-inch wheels and carbon fiber aerodynamic dodger (splitter, spoiler, sill plates).

Vanwall Vandervell S 2023.

The base body color is dark green, but customers will be able to order any shade they like. The interior promises sport «buckets», leather and carbon fiber trim.

Base Vandervell S has two electric motors with a total capacity of 320 hp and a cruising range of 450 km.

Acceleration time to a «hundred» is 4.9 seconds, but the top speed is only 185 km/h.

Vandervell S Plus has 580 hp electric motors and a range of 420 km on a single charge. This hatchback can reach 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds, and the top speed is 265 km/h.

Vanwall Vandervell S 2023.

The Vanwall company promises to begin deliveries of commercial hatchbacks in the third quarter of this year.

They will be assembled at the Vanwall factory in the German town of Greding, but the declared run is only 500 copies. And the starting price is 128,000 euros and that’s without taxes.


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