Volga GAZ 3110 SF-Design.

Volga GAZ 3110 SF-Design.

Volga GAZ 3110 SF-Design.

GAZ-3110 from SF-Audio: a modification with a luxurious interior and advanced music.

The pictured example of GAZ-3110 «Volga» looks quite usual, but in fact we have a modification from the Moscow studio SF-Audio, which can boast a really luxurious interior.

On the outside the tuners really left the exterior of the car as it is, although its body was still treated with modern materials.

This had to be done to fix problem areas.

In turn, in the process of finalizing the interior specialists of the mentioned workshop tried to preserve the style of the Soviet era, while giving preference to more premium materials.

In particular, the interior of the «Volga» boasts the presence of wooden decorations made of solid poplar root. Such inserts can be seen on the door panels, dashboard and steering wheel.

Volga GAZ 3110 SF-Design.

Modification has Recaro front seats, which tuners have borrowed from BMW. The rear sofa is also new, although it looks like a standard one.

Its tuners made it from high quality polyurethane foam. Natural leather (like in Bentley and Jaguar) was used to upholster these components.

Volga GAZ 3110 SF-Design.

Plus, the car got a steering wheel from Lexus LS, and a center console from BMW 3-Series (E46), though it was finalized for retro-style.

In turn, the central part of the torpedo in the workshop was made from scratch.

In addition the studio specialists personally made most of the buttons, while the light control knob was taken from Mercedes S-Class.

Volga GAZ 3110 SF-Design.

In addition, the modification received an advanced audio system on the basis of the head unit Pioneer 88 with a digital amplifier Alpine PDX-V9 and a number of components from home systems Peerless and Scanspeak.

Some changes were made to the technical equipment of GAZ-3110.

Volga GAZ 3110 SF-Design.

This Volga is set in motion with a standard gasoline engine ZMZ, but it works not with a manual, but with an automatic 4HP24 from ZF.

How much did the tuners spent on this modification of the sedan is not specified.


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