Volkswagen Aero B 2023.

Volkswagen Aero B 2023.

Volkswagen Aero B 2023.

Volkswagen is developing a large sedan.

The German company is expected to unveil a new spacious four-door, now known by its «working» name Aero B, in 2023.

Like many other global automakers, Volkswagen is actively investing in the development of its own «green» lineup.

The separate family has its own name — ID — and its firstborn is the ID.3 compact five-door hatchback. The model was introduced back in 2019, but it went on sale in the fall of 2020 (the release was delayed due to problems with the software for the «electric car»).

According to the website Carssalessbase, dealers sold 99,689 units in Europe in the first year.

Later «electric parkette» ID.4 entered the market; in total, from December 2020 to September 2021, Old World dealers sold 40,913 units. In the future, the «battery» range will become wider.

The family will include a large electric sedan, which now has the «working» name Aero B. In the future, this «four-door» is likely to get another name, but what kind, the company does not say yet.

It is expected that the novelty will become completely «battery» alternative to such models as Passat and Arteon.

Volkswagen Aero B 2023.

Note that Passat sales in Europe this year declined: in January-September (more recent data is not available yet), customers bought 69,262 pcs. (12% less).

In contrast, Arteon figures have increased: during the first three quarters of 2021 dealers sold 16,162 units (57% more). (57% more).

Volkswagen Aero B, we will call it so far, has previously been spotted during road tests. This electric car is expected to appear on the European market in 2023.

Volkswagen Aero B 2023.

There is no official information about what exactly the new «four-door» will look like yet. It gives a chance to artists to try their forces and offer a variant of future novelty’s appearance.

So, the designer of the Spanish edition has created a rendering based on the latest spy shots of the Aero B, leaked to the Network.

It is expected that the car will have a sporty design and a «coupe-like» roof line, with deaf windows integrated into the rear pillars, which will visually «unload» the profile of the Volkswagen Aero B.

Volkswagen Aero B 2023.

The electric car is expected to have a long wheelbase (size is not yet specified), as well as short overhangs. Due to this, there will be enough space in the cabin for both driver and passengers.

The design of the front of the novelty is likely to borrow a lot from the Volkswagen ID concept wagon. Space Vizzion, which was presented in November 2019.

It is expected that the headlights will get a relatively narrow shape, and IQ Light technology will form the basis of the stuffing of the headlights connected by a glowing strip.

Judging by the rendering, it is possible that from the concept model will also get the design of the lower part of the front bumper.

Volkswagen Aero B 2023.

Light-alloy wheels of large diameter, flush-fitting door handles and traditional side mirrors mounted directly on door panels are noticeable in profile.

Images of the stern and interior of the Volkswagen Aero B are not yet available. It is expected that the model will have a different style of interior design, not the same as the current electric cars.

Technical details about the new VW has not declassified yet. It is assumed that the sedan will be based on an upgraded MEB platform.

In addition, according to the magazine, the model will be equipped with other engines. So, the version with a single electric motor will have a capacity of 272 hp.

All-wheel drive versions will be a few, their total output will probably be 268, 300 and 370 hp.

Batteries will be offered with capacities from 77 to 100 kW*h. The range is likely to be from 590 to 700 km (according to the WLTP cycle).

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