Volkswagen Arteon 2021.

Volkswagen Arteon 2021

Volkswagen Arteon 2021.

Volkswagen Arteon 2021: new liftback, station wagon, plus sports and hybrid versions.
Most recently, we talked about a new model in the Russian market — the Volkswagen Arteon liftback, which began sales in early summer. But deepening, it turned out that European motorists have been riding the “novelty” for almost three years, while we have hardly heard about it.

What is even more frustrating, while frank junk is being shipped to us, restyling is already announced in Europe, which in Russia will probably be presented similarly a couple of years later.
Nevertheless, we will now know a little more about the Volkswagen Arteon, having taken apart the recent press release in pieces.

Technical stuffing

Exit restyling showed two things. The first is that the sales of the first generation were a success and the model just won’t go to waste, the second — the sales were apparently so good that the Germans decided to release three more versions: Arteon R, eHybrid and Shooting Brake.

The first and second, as you might guess, means the sports and hybrid versions, but under the last (literally translated “shooting brake”) VW they hide the most ordinary station wagon, but with a slight correction — it will also receive a sports package from Arteon R.

Well, now directly on the filling. Like its predecessor, the car is assembled on an MQB trolley. Includes disc brakes (with ventilation) and a MacPherson strut suspension on the front axle and multi-link on the rear.

Similarly, the novelty receives adaptive Monroe shock absorbers, stiffer stabilizers and a specific adjustment of the electric power steering (in comparison with the Passat).

Volkswagen Arteon 2021

The engine range for the «base» model consists of two gasoline and two diesel options. All 2-liter, turbocharged, 4-cylinder and in-line architecture. The former have a gradation of power from 190 to 280 hp, the latter from 150 to 200 hp

The transmission for all is one — the 7-band DSG. 150 hp turbo diesel only relies on a 6-speed manual. By default, the liftback and station wagon come with front-wheel drive. Full as an option and as part of several trim levels.

The sports version and station wagon are equipped with a forced 2-liter gasoline engine. Peak output increased to 320 hp at 420 Hm. The drive is full by default. The transmission is the same — 7 DSG.

In addition, the equipment will please with an electronic imitation of the rear differential and a system for evenly distributing traction on all wheels according to road conditions and maneuvers.

They somehow modestly kept silent about the dynamics of the standard Arteon, but for the Erka and the Shooting Brake they brought: acceleration to hundreds in 5.2 seconds, maximum speed 250 km / h.

Well, in the end, you can not tell about the rechargeable hybrid. The power units are a 1.4-liter turbocharged 156 hp gasoline engine. paired with an electric train of 115 hp The total return — 218 hp The transmission is similar — 7 DSG.
Front wheel drive only. The battery volume was not disclosed, but in electric mode the liftback will travel up to 53 km.

Volkswagen Arteon 2021

Airborne equipment

Returning to a recent review of the previous model, there were some gaps in terms of equipment. Firstly, there was no adaptive cruise, and secondly, rather mediocre multimedia.

Work on the bugs. Both that and another are now included in the Volkswagen Arteon 2021. A mediocre list of on-board equipment of a modern car in place:

6 pillows;
Front and rear parking sensors;
Multifunction steering wheel;
Harman music at 700 watts;
Multimedia with support for mobile interfaces;
Rear camera with a view of 170 degrees .;
Heated and electrically adjustable front seats;
Keyless entry to the cabin;
Starting the engine with a button;
3-zone climate;
A roof with a panoramic view.

Returning to the adaptive cruise, it allows you to keep speed up to 210 km / h, it is equipped with a start / stop function, copies the trajectory of the vehicle in front, is guided by the GPS-navigator data and closely interacts with the emergency braking system.

Volkswagen Arteon 2021

Body and dimensions

Given that this is a restyling of the new liftback to a minimum. You can notice the new bumpers and the corrected pattern of LED optics. Also on the thresholds are now present chrome moldings that complement the architecture of the grille.

The sports version features an original body kit with enlarged air intakes and a different pattern of light alloys. Chrome on the doorsteps, by the way, disappears. But the hybrid does not betray itself at all. It is fully unified with the standard version, only the nameplate corresponds to the filling.

The silhouette of the station wagon shines with sufficient aesthetics. Like a hybrid, Shooting Brake has the same body kit as the «base». Only light alloys are here in their architecture and painted matte gray. By dimensions, all versions are completely unified.

Interestingly, the station wagon does not give a big gain in internal volume in comparison with the liftback. 565 liters against 563 and 1632 liters versus 1557 if you fold the back sofa.

Volkswagen Arteon 2021


The previous generation was the successor to the Passat saloon. This time, VW will endow Arteon with its own interior option. Despite the cheeky body, the interior reflects the severity of the design idea of ​​the concern.

The set includes a new torpedo architecture with a small visor for virtual tidy (10.25 inches), a minimalistic front console with a 9.2 inch touchscreen and a climate control touch panel.

The steering wheel is truncated and with a thick rim, the central tunnel falls to the back row.

Finishing materials are only premium. No plastic. All panels are covered with leather with white stitching.
In the architecture of the torpedo and door maps there are metal inserts. A touchscreen around the perimeter is framed by ceramics. Together with the contour LED backlight, the wow effect is present.


If the predecessor had a rather modest competitive base, then with a new price tag and a charged version the list was replenished with such models as: Audi A5 Sportback, Kia Stinger, BMW 4 Gran Coupe, Genesis G70, Infiniti Q50, etc.

Price and sales start date

Production facilities are already loaded and the first Arteon of 2021 in all versions is off the assembly line. The start of sales in Europe will begin in the fall of 2020. Price from 2.8 million rubles.

Regarding the pessimistic scenario voiced at the beginning, everything is not as hopeless as it seems. Although the list of sales countries is not announced, Russia has every chance to get into it.

Perhaps the old Arteon without any announcements came to us to warm up the interest of the domestic public in the upcoming restyling?

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