Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2022.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2022.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2022.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2022. Volkswagen has shown a new crossover. We are waiting for it in Russia.

At the New York Auto Show the German brand showed the concept Atlas Cross Sport. It is almost ready for serial production the five-seat version of the already on sale Atlas which is presented in Russia under the name Teramont.

The Germans often make premieres of new crossovers: the spotlights from the presentation of the third generation Volkswagen Touareg in Beijing are still hot, and here we have another one — the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport.

The prefix «concept» looks like a ridiculous attempt to disguise its plans: we have in front of us a car that is almost ready for serial production.

Replace 22-inch wheels with more modest, remove LED illumination in front (two stripes and glowing emblem, it’s a technological replacement for chrome) — and you can show the car in dealerships right now.

In front, Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport almost completely repeats its seven-seater colleague. But from behind the car is absolutely original.

Wide uprights, 45-degree tilted glass of a back door, different lamps.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2022.

With the same wheelbase (2979 mm), the Cross Sport is 190 mm shorter than the Atlas/Teramont.

So, the crossover has extremely small overhangs, giving it even more aggressiveness.

Germans decided not to create full-fledged crossover-coupe and cheated: the roof of the crossover is practically flat, but the window line to the back narrows, visually making the profile of the car more dynamic.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2022.

The interior also looks not especially conceptual. The architecture of the front panel is the same as the seven-seat version, but all «physical» buttons have been replaced by sensors.

In fact, there are three buttons here and they are all located on the central tunnel: switching off the stabilization system, switching on GTE sport mode and electric tailgate.

There is also a washer with switching modes of control electronics E-Mode.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2022.

The concept is equipped with a hybrid powertrain, combining the 3.6-liter V6 (280 hp) from the conventional Atlas/Teramont and two electric motors with 54 hp at the front and 116 hp at the rear.

It also includes an 18-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. Total power: 360 hp.

The second option: a «soft» hybrid power plant, not providing recharging. There are also three motors, but the battery capacity is only 2 kilowatt-hours. Its total power is 310 hp.

The rechargeable Atlas Cross Sport accelerates to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds, and its second version does the exercise in 6.9 seconds.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport 2022.

The top speed of both variants is limited at 209 km/h. The rechargeable hybrid can travel 41 kilometers on electric power alone.

The serial future of the crossover is a foregone conclusion: even before the premiere, the North American branch of Volkswagen announced that it would invest an additional $340 million to organize its production at the plant in Chattanooga.

But so far the Germans have carefully avoided answering the question about the timing. However, the wait will not be long.

And in Russia the novelty will appear necessarily: not for nothing Volkswagen has certified both variants — and seven-and five-seater, crossover Teramont.

The Volkswagen Teramont in Russia began accepting orders in March of this year.

And Volkswagen is also preparing two inexpensive crossovers for developing countries such as Russia, China and Brazil.

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