Volkswagen Cuddy 2021.

Volkswagen Cuddy 2021.

Volkswagen Cuddy 2021.

Like the very first Cuddy, the modern compact van uses a platform from the current version of the 8th Generation Golf.

It is now a modular MQB platform in its most advanced version, allowing the latest electronic gadgets to be installed.

If desired, the owner of the new VW Caddy 2021 will be able to get a modification that is in no way inferior in equipping luxury business sedans:

A roof with a panoramic view;
Digital instrument panel;
Surround cameras;
Double-circuit «climate»;
Media complex with touchscreen 6.5-10.0 inches;
Frontal and side airbags;
LED optics;
Keyless access to the salon;
The new generation Volkswagen Cuddy has taken a giant step forward, while remaining an extremely practical car, ready to be a real workhorse.

Volkswagen Cuddy 2021.


The new architecture with an increased wheelbase (2755 mm.) Made it possible to install a more overall body (4501x1850x 1797 mm.), Which in the cargo version gives 3.3 cubic meters of usable volume.

In the passenger version, there are seven comfortable seats, and the two-seater «gallery» and the three-seater sofa in the second row can be folded and completely dismantled.

Externally, the 2021 Volkswagen Cuddy offers a brand new exterior design styling with narrow headlights, a small grille and a huge mesh bumper.

At the rear, the most expressive attribute is objectively large vertical lamps — also LED and having stylish dimming.

Volkswagen Cuddy 2021.


The 2021 Volkswagen Cuddy salon will be able to transform not only to increase cargo capacity.

When buying a car, you will be able to choose a suitable front panel configuration, where you can find a virtual instrument panel and the same large 10.25-inch touchscreen to the right of it.

Another small touchscreen will allow you to control the «climate», and in the most expensive version, the modern cockpit will receive a new multi-wheel.

The entourage of cheap modifications will be much more modest, but engineers have prepared new ergonomic front seats for it, as well as solid facing plastic. It can be of a practical light gray or black color.

Volkswagen Cuddy 2021.

Engine, transmission and suspension

The MQB matrix «bogie» does not reject simple and practical solutions in the suspension design, so for the new VW Caddy 2021 the Germans chose the time-tested dependent rear suspension on steel springs (instead of the previous springs), supplemented by anti-roll bars.

Front — classic McPherson struts.
In addition, all wheels had disc brakes (ventilated in front), and the rack and pinion steering of the compact van received a modern electromechanical amplifier to help.

Buyers of the 2021 Volkswagen Cuddy will be able to choose between diesel and gasoline engines: the former will be presented in a range of 2.0-liter TDIs ranging from 75 to 122 hp. with., and as the only gasoline unit will act one and a half liter four-cylinder TSI, giving out 116 «horses».

Volkswagen Cuddy 2021.

The choice of transmissions is traditional and includes a 6-speed manual «box» and a «robot» 7-DSG. Basically, Cuddy will act as a front-wheel drive car, but optionally, for modifications with the most powerful motors, a multi-plate clutch can be used, taking 50% of the thrust to the rear axle.

Prices, configurations and release date in Russia

In Europe, sales of the new Volkswagen Caddy started in the summer, and the fifth-generation version should reach us by early 2021.

Prices for the current version of a compact van in the passenger cabin version start at 1.67 million rubles, and the most expensive equipment is estimated at 2.1 million.

At the same time, dealers sell cars of a wide variety of equipment options, differing in the number of passenger seats, external decor and a set of systems comfort and safety (Conceptline, Trendline, Comfortline, Edition 35, Alltrack, Highline, Beach).

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