Volkswagen Gen.Travel 2023.

Volkswagen Gen.Travel 2023.

Volkswagen Gen.Travel 2023.

Volkswagen has unveiled the Gen.Travel drone.

The Renault 5 Turbo 3E show car will not be the only premiere of the Chantilly Arts & Elegance show near Paris this weekend.

There, Volkswagen AG will also show its new concept called Gen.Travel.

Interestingly, this unusual electric car does not have the usual emblems of the current brands of the concern.

The Gen.Travel is presented as a development of the Volkswagen Group Innovation division, where promising projects are born.

Gen.Travel is an unmanned passenger shuttle designed for long-distance travel.

The developers did not name the range (or any characteristics), but said that such shuttles could become an alternative to short-haul flights.

It is assumed that Gen.Travel will operate in a rental format, providing door-to-door delivery.

Volkswagen Gen.Travel 2023.

The shuttle has no conventional controls, it has a full autopilot of the fifth level and should move in a fully autonomous mode.

And on the highway such shuttles will be able to line up in columns to reduce energy consumption (in the world of trucks such system is called platooning).

Volkswagen Gen.Travel 2023.

Apparently, the reduction of aerodynamic losses while driving in a convoy is really relevant for this lobster electric vehicle.

Gen.Travel has a tall body with a large glazing area and two lift-up doors. Four seats can be arranged in the cabin (with a desk in the center if you turn the front seats counterclockwise), or you can make a two-seat «first class» cabin, in which the seats can be turned into sleeping places.

Volkswagen Gen.Travel 2023.

Behind the windshield there is a projector that can display a navigation map, trip information or entertainment content.

Volkswagen Gen.Travel 2023.

Another feature of the car is a kind of active suspension eABC (electric Active Body Control), which increases the comfort of the occupants.

Volkswagen has already said that some of the developments of this project will then appear on the production cars, but there are no plans to produce such a shuttle yet.

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