Volkswagen Golf Estate 2021.

Volkswagen Golf Estate 2021.

Volkswagen Golf Estate 2021.

Volkswagen Golf Estate (station wagon) 2021: All-wheel drive versatile vehicle.
The basic parameters of the charged Volkswagen Golf 7 R hatchback became the basis for creating an analogue in the station wagon.

In a new reading, the all-wheel drive model Volkswagen Golf Estate 2021 received a lot of positive feedback not only from fans of the brand, but also from many representatives of the European driver’s contingent.

According to independent experts, the new model of a practical, pragmatic and rather comfortable station wagon can claim the status of a family car.

A spacious interior and four-wheel drive should be of interest to fans of active, including tourist, recreation.


Structurally, the deeply restyled Estate of the 2021 model differs from the hatchback prototype in a modified body configuration, increased ground clearance and off-road elements of the external linkage. In the photo in the frontal plane, the brand new product range demonstrates:

panoramic format and gentle angle of inclination of the windshield;
dynamic reliefs of the sidewalls of the hood steeply falling to the front edge;
figured blocks of multifunctional LED optics connected by a chrome strip;
a massive bumper equipped with a plate for a license plate.

Volkswagen Golf Estate 2021.

The lower section of the front attracts attention with its large format and ribbed lamellas combined with the ventilation duct of the radiator lining, as well as the crescent shape of the side diffusers.

The chrome-plated brand logo and stepped reliefs decorated in a sporty-aggressive style are presented as the front body decoration.

The recognizable features of a practical business style prevail in the design of the sidewalls of the Volkswagen Golf (Station Wagon) 2021 model.

In stock — nominal slope of the domed roof equipped with rails, matt black trim of three-section side glazing, oval mirrors and compact door handles.

In the field of view are also the longitudinal profiles of the sidewalls and stepped reliefs of the contours of the wheel arches, the interesting off-road design of 18-inch wheels, the plastic protection of the lower body edge typical for SUVs.

Expressive details of the crossover layout are present in the design of the station wagon aft. These are, first of all:

a spoiler complemented by side pillars and sloped rear glazing;
vertical arrangement of the tailgate decorated with stepped reliefs;
futuristic style and interesting graphics of multifunctional lights;
a set of fog lights integrated into the rounded sidewalls of the bumper.

Volkswagen Golf Estate 2021.

Large-caliber exhaust pipes are located in the cutouts of the small-sized plastic body kit. The aft décor features branding and numerous stepped relief elements.

A simple transformation of the rear seats allows the relatively small volume of the 611-liter trunk to be increased to 1620 liters. A spacious niche for a spare wheel and on-board tools is built into the floor.

Despite the peculiarities of the long universal layout, the new body looks compact, assembled and largely presentable.


For each configuration option, there is a fabric, kozhimite or leather trim for the five-seater interior, a corresponding range of technical and electronic equipment. The quality of the finishing assortment is decent in all respects.

The design of the front panel includes a digital instrument cluster and an 8-inch media-command monitor placed on the upper edge of the console, as well as a remote control with elements of quick activation of functional and entertainment options.

The central tunnel includes a technical sector, cup holders, a typical set of organizers and a refrigerating chamber closed with a wide, soft armrest.

The front seats, a crossover type with pronounced lateral support, offer several types of operating settings, as well as adjustable ventilation and seat heating circuits. The service of the rear sofa with a three-seater layout includes the functions of a backrest tilt and a folding armrest.

Volkswagen Golf Estate 2021.

A test drive of the new Volkswagen Golf Estate 2021 station wagon confirmed the excellent ergonomics and profiling of all seats, a comfortable fit, the efficiency of the cabin sound insulation and the nominal volume of personal space for each passenger.


In the new incarnation, the dimensions of the station wagon have been edited in the ratios of 4633 x 1789 and 1456 mm. In the layout and structural properties of the chassis:

wheelbase increased by 67 mm;
run-in torsion bar suspension on early models;
set of lateral stability stabilizers, disc brakes and safety systems.

The engine range offers a wide range of economical hybrid and environmentally friendly diesel engines ranging from 1 to 2 liters and power outputs from 85 to 270 hp.

Traction characteristics are effectively realized by 6-speed all-wheel drive mechanics or 7-range robotic transmission of the DSG series.

Volkswagen Golf Estate 2021.

Options and prices

In foreign markets, the new Volkswagen Golf (station wagon) 2021 model year will be available in three versions. The estimated cost of the base model starts from 1.6-1.7 million rubles. The price will be formed taking into account the engine power, the number and working functionality of the component options.

Sales start in Russia

There are no official data on the supply of the first lots of the new station wagon to the domestic market in information sources. According to experts, the release date in Russia will be indicated in the middle of the first quarter of 2021.


Already in the first generation, the Volkswagen Golf Estate has every reason to successfully compete with counterparts from other companies, a class not lower than such models as Ford Focus (station wagon), Skoda Octavia Combi or Kia Sid Sportvagon.

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