Volkswagen Golf R 2024.

Volkswagen Golf R 2024.

Volkswagen Golf R 2024.

Volkswagen Golf R 2024 in the exclusive 20 Years Edition is tested with a new aerodynamic dodger: spy photos of the model.

«Hot» Volkswagen Golf R was presented in the winter of the current year in the version 20 Years Edition, and the other day it was noticed on road tests.

Recently Western media shared spy photos of the Volkswagen Golf R 2024 in a variation of the 20 Years Edition.

This version was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first production of the R32.

The car was presented at the beginning of 2022, but it is known that now another update is being prepared for it.

We should say that the versions for Europe and the U.S. have a significant difference. Thus, in the first case, the transmission is in DSG format, and in the second — a six-speed manual gearbox.

Volkswagen Golf R in the version 20 Years Edition is tested on the race track.

Volkswagen Golf R 2024.

This variation is indicated by the corresponding nameplates located on the support legs.

The published images show that the car has a new aerodynamic dodger, which gives the appearance of more sport and dynamics.

Volkswagen Golf R 2024.

It is worth noting separately that the model did not have these upgrades as part of the presentation. It is noteworthy that there were no winglets on the bumpers in the teaser photos, either.

We can assume that Volkswagen is preparing a new special version for Golf, but it’s unlikely.

Volkswagen Golf R 2024.

The thing is that it is quite difficult to make such a large-scale work in such a short time, and on the photo the car looks quite ready for production.

In this regard, we can assume that the Volkswagen Golf R 20 Years Edition will get just an extra package that provides improvements in terms of dynamics.

Volkswagen Golf R 2024.

Recall that just the other day the model was spotted on the road tests in the standard version, where it was possible to get some pictures of the interior.

Thus, it became known that the car will receive a new touchscreen multimedia system.

Premiere is expected next year, but the exact terms are not called yet.

Most likely, soon after that will be presented an anniversary version of the «hot» Volkswagen Golf R.


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