Volkswagen ID. Roomzz 2021.

Volkswagen ID. Roomzz 2021.

Volkswagen ID. Roomzz 2021.

Volkswagen ID. Roomzz 2021: an electronic product from a German brand.
In the near future, Volkswagen plans to launch a series of electric vehicles that will be built on a single platform.

One of these cars will be the Volkswagen ID crossover. Rumzz 2021.

The new model has a fairly large size, and will also be able to boast of a striking appearance, which will collect elements from other similar electric cars, as well as familiar to everyone jewelry from conventional models of the Volkswagen brand.

The interior will also be performed in its best form, in which there will be nothing superfluous at all.

The future owners of the crossover will also be pleased with its characteristics, thanks to which it will be possible to travel any distance by car without problems and solve everyday problems.


We can confidently assure that the design will be one of the main advantages of both this car and all others from Volkswagen built on this platform.

Volkswagen ID. Roomzz 2021.

The new body is distinguished by a stylish appearance, which includes an abundance of undulating height transitions, evenly distributed throughout the entire area.

Also in the photo you can see interesting optics, a semblance of an air intake system, various inserts and other futuristic elements, thanks to which the car looks so stylish and bright.

The front of the car is the most attractive. It boasts a small size, but is placed at a decent height. Also, to improve visibility for the driver, the muzzle was tilted and given a solid rounding.

It all starts here with the hood, which boasts strongly protruding side ribs and a slightly recessed center section. Immediately behind the cover is the head optics, which is presented in the form of a pair of thin LED lines, on the sides expanding into full-fledged headlights.

In the very center of the structure is the Volkswagen brand badge, which is also made with LEDs. It all looks quite unusual.

The rest of the bumper is set aside for a large body kit, which also sticks out a little. True, there is no particular variety of details on it.

Volkswagen ID. Roomzz 2021.

There is quite a bit of interesting relief here, decorative recesses with chrome inserts on the sides and a small air intake at the bottom, which is framed by glossy black lines. Finishing of the body kit is completed with a narrow protective insert.

The profile part of the car is also interestingly made. Above there is an unusual shape, which includes windows.

She will receive a thin frame and dividing racks, which are always painted in gloss black. There are no traditional rear-view mirrors here.

Instead, they use retractable cameras in the doors, which transmit the image to monitors in the cabin. The most interesting are the doors here.

The front ones are made like those of minivans, namely: they move forward, but only forward. The rear ones take on a traditional look.

The door handles are hidden in the body and are illuminated by LED signals, like the front optics. The rest of the body will be decorated with different reliefs, and you can also find protective inserts below.

The crossover looks quite menacing from behind. The design of this part of the car begins with a slightly inclined window, above which there is also a visor with stop lights.

Next comes the main part of the door, which houses a wide strip of marker signals, a bit of relief and a Volkswagen brand badge illuminated by LEDs.

Volkswagen ID. Roomzz 2021.

As in the front, a lot of space is allocated here for the body kit, which also sticks out.

On it flaunts a black glossy diffuser, foglights, if they are provided by a configuration option, as well as transitions in height. Since this is an electric car, there is no exhaust system.


If you can still believe in a similar appearance in the serial version of the car, then it’s unlikely to go to the salon. He got too futuristic look.

Get off the new Volkswagen ID. Rumzz’s 2021 model year will be good fabrics, carbon fiber, metals, natural leather, plastic and other good materials.

The car will receive a modern multimedia complex, which, together with high-quality seats, will be responsible for a high level of comfort for all passengers in the car.

As you can see in the photo, the dashboard of the novelty has nothing but a large touchscreen monitor, with the help of which all functional settings will be performed.

Next to it is only the driver’s seat, represented by a multimedia steering wheel and a small instrument panel in front of it.

Volkswagen ID. Roomzz 2021.

Deflectors, judging by the photo, are placed here in the door cards. You won’t be able to find a variety of different parts on the tunnel either.

It includes a technical panel, organizers for things and an armrest, inside of which there is a small refrigerator compartment.

In the concept, the salon is made in a four-seater format, where each seat is separate from the others.

They are finished with good leather, and are also equipped with a heating system, headrests, good support on the sides and the ability to adjust the position of the chair itself in different directions using electric drives.

In the production version, the seats will be clearly simpler, and their number will increase to five or seven.

There is no information about the trunk of the car yet, but judging by the dimensions, it will be possible to put a lot of things there. Later, a test drive will confirm or deny this judgment.


Volkswagen ID. Roomzz 2021 will be driven by a pair of electric motors, the total output of which will be 306 horsepower.

The maximum mileage on one battery charge is 475 kilometers. Acceleration to hundreds on a crossover will take 6.6 seconds.

Options and prices

The price of the crossover has not yet been announced.

Release date in Russia

In China, the car will appear in the second half of 2021. Closer to 2022, sales will start in Russia.


The rivals of the car are the Audi e-throne, Mercedes EQC and Tesla Model X.

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