Volkswagen Passat 2020.

Volkswagen Passat 2020.

Volkswagen Passat 2020.

Volkswagen Passat has been the recognized leader in segment D in the European classification for many years. This car very often wins in journalistic comparative tests. That it is used by competitors in the development of their cars of this class, as a «reference point» or reference car. In 2020, Passat will come to us, albeit not in a completely new body, but after modernization. Photos are already online. Details of trim levels and exact prices will be announced later.


The new 2018-2019 Volkswagen Passat model year looks very serious, if not faceless. It’s just a D-class car, no more. It is well tailored and not disfigured by excessive amounts of chromium. The main changes in appearance are purely decorative. New bumpers appeared, fog and rear optics changed shape. The video reviews say that the full width of the back door now flaunts large letters denoting the model. Previously, the nameplate was small and snuggled in the corner.

Volkswagen Passat 2020.


Salon is in good harmony with the exterior. He is also very strict and quite elegant. As usual with Volkswagen, many elements are borrowed from other models — for example, three familiar climate control knobs. Ergonomics cannot be estimated from the photo of the cabin, but it is really cool. The driver is very comfortable, and the relative position of the main controls is optimal. The main changes in the cabin are a new steering wheel, truncated downwards, and a tiny nameplate with the name of the model between the central vents of the ventilation system. Previously, a small arrow clock was located at the place of this inscription. The Germans seemed to save a little.

Cargo Opportunities

The luggage compartment volume of the sedan is 586 liters, and the station wagon — 650. If you fold the back seat, then for luggage you can get up to 1152 and 1780 liters, respectively.

Volkswagen Passat 2020.


Some specs for the Volkswagen Passat 2020 have really changed. But not all. In particular, the dimensions remained the same. Many innovations are available only to residents of Western Europe, due to the characteristics of demand, as well as local legislation. Before any intervention, engineers and marketers carefully studied the feedback of the owners, since the demand for Passat is consistently high, the concern cannot lose money. In particular, the settings of the suspension systems did not change — there were no complaints about them.


length — 4.767 m;
width — 1.832 m;
height — 1.456 / 1.477 m;
wheelbase — 2.791 m;
clearance — 16 cm.

Motors and Transmissions

Judging by the latest news, Volkswagen Passat 2020 will be sold with gasoline engines with a working volume of 1.4 liters (150 hp) and 2 liters (190 hp). Both units are turbocharged and have direct fuel injection. Gearbox — seven-speed «preselective» DGS. However, for the younger engine, the “mechanics” will also be the “basic” alternative, but most likely, the share of such machines will be small.
In addition, in Europe it will be possible to buy a Volkswagen Passat 2020 with diesel engines, but such versions are not available to us. Also there will be sold Passat in the guise of a rechargeable hybrid. His passport fuel consumption, as well as carbon dioxide emissions (50 g / km) are modest, which allows the owner to count on a subsidy for the purchase and some other bonuses. But in Russia, you can only see a video test drive of such a Volkswagen Passat 2020, which can «stand at the outlet.»

Volkswagen Passat 2020.


Fortunately, before the start of sales of the Volkswagen Passat 2020 in Russia, it is already clear — the safety of the car is in full order, you can not worry about it. On tests according to EuroNCAP standards, the sedan (though pre-styling) earned a maximum final rating of five stars.

Options and prices

In the latest news, there is still no information about how much Volkswagen Passat 2020 will cost at authorized dealers in our country. It is only known that in the basic configuration there will be LED headlights, and for an additional fee it will be possible to install a matrix head light. In addition, potential customers will be offered a “half” autopilot that can operate at speeds up to 210 km / h.
Dealers have remained «pre-reform» sedans in a single configuration Business Edition. The price of such a Volkswagen Passat (but not 2020, but also 2019) with a 150-horsepower engine and DSG is 2 million rubles. Surcharge for the 1.8-liter engine (180 hp) — 139 thousand.

six airbags;
a set of electronic «assistants» of the driver;
LED headlamps, as well as taillights;
exterior mirrors with electric and heated;
heated front and rear seats (except central);
heated washer nozzles and windshield;
heated leather steering wheel with DSG control;
driver’s seat with electric adjustments;
front center armrest;
tire pressure monitoring;
front and rear parking sensors;
Rain sensor;
multimedia system with 8-inch touch screen and 8 speakers;
three-zone climate control;

adaptive cruise control;
keyless access;
Rear View Camera.

For alloy wheels should be paid 6210 or 31310 rubles, depending on the diameter and type of engine. Body colors are also among the options. Another 92 thousand can be paid at the cash desk for a package that includes a virtual dashboard, turning headlights and dark taillights. Country of assembly — only Germany. The launch of production in our country of the Volkswagen Passat 2020, which has undergone restyling, is also not planned.

Volkswagen Passat 2020.

New body

The upcoming Volkswagen Passat is not a new model, but only the result of the update. And even that is not at all the most essential. It is enough to see the photo to see for yourself. Prices, of course, will rise relative to current ones, but hardly much. However, the exact numbers can be found out when the car will be released in Russia. That is — in the spring of 2020.

Start of sales and competitors

The start of sales of the Volkswagen Passat will be held approximately in March 2020 (or even a little later). As for offers from other automakers, among them, first of all, the Toyota Camry of St. Petersburg assembly, which is very popular with us. Its price is from 1 million 573 rubles, moreover, even the «base» is quite decent. Mazda 6 sedan costs from 1 million 553 thousand. And in the Kia salons you can find Optima sedans (from 1 million 315 thousand rubles) and Stinger, for which they ask for at least one million 855 thousand.

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