Volkswagen Passat B9 2021.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2021.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2021.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2021 with a hybrid internal combustion engine — what will be the latest development of the German car.

Next year it is planned to start production of the new VW Passat B9. This is the extreme model of the German manufacturer to date.

The ninth generation Passat is distinguished by the VAG version (the combination of an electric motor and a gasoline output makes it possible to get 268 horsepower in total).


The new B9 is already being tested on VW tracks. The presentation of the new model is planned for next fall.
The predecessor of this car is the Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI DSG Business, from which it has adopted the best features:

the motor produces 150 horsepower, designed for diesel fuel;
automatic gearbox with 7 steps;
a wide range of basic equipment;
«Mechanics» also has 7 steps.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2021.

As of today, it has already been decided that the VW Passat B9 2021 plans to be presented for sale in China, and then a major launch of the production of diesel and gasoline vehicles will begin.


The basis for the creation was the younger brother of the 2nd generation MQB — Volkswagen Golf 8. It appeared in the most difficult period for the country, will be left behind in comparison with the new B9.

Fresh Passat B9 plans to bypass it in its technical characteristics.
This car will become the owner of a pair of engines at once.

The petrol TSI will have a volume of 1.4 liters and 154 horsepower.
The electric motor is planned to have a capacity of 114 horsepower.

The overall engine power sounds impressive. About 270 horsepower. The electric motor makes available the torque as soon as the car starts. So, the dynamics of the new Volkswagen can only be compared to a hurricane.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2021.

The electric Passat motor will cover about 70 km. The lithium-ion battery, which is located under the feet of the driver and passengers, has a power of 13 kW. Experts say that the hybrid model of the fresh Volkswagen will reduce emissions by 31 g / km.

In the future, manufacturers plan to replace the 1.4 liter turbo engine. for a powerful TSI unit, which will have a capacity of 1.5 liters. These changes will be made to improve power, handling and agility.

The presence of such a motor for hybrid cars has already taken place and has shown its best side. This update will definitely happen.

But the domestic market will be replenished with 1.4 TSI and 1.8 TSI units. But whether the Russian consumer will see a hybrid version is a big question. Most probably not.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2021.


The hybrid versions of the B9 cars will have features that cannot be ignored. The GTE car will be the owner of several driving modes.

The new E-MODE and GTE will be available for the Passat in the 9th generation, while the Hybrid mode will automatically change the operation of the motor. It will be possible to switch from petrol to electric and vice versa.

The new model now has an adaptive DCC chassis and an electromechanical brake booster.


Modern equipment is planned for the new Passat. The 3-spoke multi-wheel allows the driver to stay focused on the road.

Volkswagen Passat B9 2021.

Heated front seats and mirrors are provided, which is also very convenient. The creators also paid attention to the topic of car safety, 6 airbags are included in the kit.

There is an air conditioner, which also adds comfort to people in the car. The narrow headlights are equipped with halogen lights. You don’t have to do without ESP and ABS systems.

Electromechanical power steering is also a feature of the new model, and there is also an audio equipment with an LCD display.

A small body color scheme is planned. Now all parts of the car will be the same color as the car itself.

Price and configuration

The body of the new Passat will be either a sedan or a station wagon.
Naturally, the price will be formed taking into account some characteristics:

varieties of the power unit;
body shape;
complete set.

So far, the manufacturer is in no hurry to name the price of the new VW, but it is clear that there will be an increase in comparison with its predecessor, which costs 2,500,000 rubles.

Europe will be able to purchase cars with additional functions. Security will be further systematized. Electric seat adjustment will become available. Climate control will become dual-zone.

Vehicle stability control will be monitored electronically.

But the standard configuration is quite enough for the Russian buyer. It has the most necessary equipment, therefore, the basic model VW Passat B9 should appeal to many Russians.

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