Volkswagen Polo 2021.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

Volkswagen Polo 2021: a budget car of the European level in a sedan body.
In the near future, the Volkswagen concern will bring to the world market a new generation of the popular Polo car in the sedan and hatchback versions.

The next, sixth in a row, the restyling of the Volkswagen Polo 2021 model in the sedan body declared itself:

• modified in a modern style corporate body design;

• increased comfort and safety of the cabin;

• updating the starting and speed parameters of the component motor assortment;

• modern functionality of technical and, what is especially important, electronic equipment.


Despite belonging to the budget class cars, the new Volkswagen model looks flawlessly at the level of more expensive and prestigious classmates.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

In the photo, in an optimally winning frontal projection, the Volkswagen Polo 2021 looks stylish and a little aggressive. The novelty confidently demonstrates:

• a relatively small difference in the angles of inclination of the windshield and the bonnet, complemented by ribbed longitudinal profiles;

• a radiator lining enclosed in a chrome frame with a corporate logo and a decorative strip;

• angular pentagons of blocks of multifunctional xenon optics.

The sidewalls of the wide, protruding bumper are fitted with decorative air diffuser grilles. The presence of a powerful energy-intensive motor is indicated by the large format of the lower ventilation air intake. A narrow metal body kit completes the front end layout.

When viewed from the side, the new body looks no less bright and dynamic. The design is dominated by business style, so there is practically no decorative chrome plating. In the field of view: the sloping roofline characteristic of a car in the «liftback» body, black matte frame of the side windows, strict geometry of wide doorways.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

The design of the mirrors, door handles and embossed sills matches the specified style. The belonging of the new sedan to the Volkswagen brand gives out the corporate design of the aluminum rims.

The short stern configuration includes:

• large format tilted window;

• a decorative spoiler lip mounted on the vertical section of the trunk lid;

• modern graphics of multifunctional lamps partially placed on the sides of the body.

The central part of the convex wide bumper is reserved for a place for mounting a registration plate, a rectangular exhaust pipe is integrated into the left side of the compact plastic body kit.


The interior volume of the sedan is practical, functional and comfortable enough. The offered assortment includes several types of fabric or kozhimite finishing; it is possible that the top version will receive a leather interior and a number of special branded options.

The design of the three-spoke steering wheel, supplemented by blocks of command buttons, provides an excellent overview of the combined instrument panel, complete with analog dial gauges and a color display of a multi-mode computer.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

• The center pane starts with a widescreen multimedia monitor that also has a number of command functions.

• The middle of the dashboard consists of a paired block of ventilation and heating deflectors with adjustable performance.

• On the lower tier there is a shield with analog and sensor elements for activating the onboard options.

The small tunnel includes: a small well for small travel items, transmission and parking brake shift knobs, several organizers, and a small mini-refrigerator hidden under a convenient armrest.

The status of a sedan corresponds to the service of carefully profiled, therefore, very comfortable front seats. Available: lateral support and adjustable head restraints, basic operating range, heating and ventilation circuits.

The new body promises a comfortable fit, plenty of personal space, a backrest tilt function and a folding armrest for three passengers of the rear sofa.

The capacity of the trunk allows you to take cargo up to 460 liters. It is possible to increase it to 760 liters by partially dismantling the rear seats.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.


The external dimensions of the sedan, preserved in the ratios of 4053×1751 and 1446, provide the basic parameters of salon comfort, at the same time, they minimize the number of parking problems.

The sedan is based on a proprietary front-wheel drive platform with a combined McPherson strut and multi-link suspension, a set of disc and drum brakes, stabilizers and active road safety systems.

The optimal running characteristics for its power category are provided by the length of the center base of 2564 mm and the ground clearance of 140 mm.

• In the base version, the 2021 Volkswagen Polo will receive a tandem of a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with an output of 90/110 hp. and a five-speed manual transmission. Six-band automation is included in the list of paid options.

• The top version will be equipped with a 1.4-liter turbocharged analogue with an output of up to 125 hp. and a new generation robotic multi-band transmission.

A multidisciplinary test drive confirmed good dynamics of acceleration and moderate consumption of fuel and lubricants at medium and high driving conditions.

Options and prices

According to the specialists of dealer structures, the price of models of different equipment levels will vary in the range of 760-850 thousand rubles.

Sales start in Russia

The global status of the sedan suggests its appearance on the domestic market, but the release date in Russia has not yet been announced. Presumably, the first lots will appear in Russian car dealerships closer to the end of the autumn season.

Competing models

The list of real competitors the new Volkswagen Polo 2021 model year inherited from its predecessor. In the price category up to 1 million rubles, the same type of models Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio claim the status of rivals.

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