Volkswagen Sagitar 2022.

Volkswagen Sagitar 2022.

Volkswagen Sagitar 2022.

The new Volkswagen Sagitar: the Jetta is even longer. The familiar «global» Jetta is known on the PRC market as the Volkswagen Sagitar.

Until now, local sedans have differed from ours only in terms of configuration features, but the new-generation Sagitar has gone further: it is now a long-wheelbase modification of the Jetta.

The high-tech Volkswagen Sagitar sedan is ready for the market: the dates for the start of sales of the model have been announced.

Last fall, the updated Volkswagen Sagitar 2022 was presented in the Celestial Empire.

As for the modernization, changes were made to the design, as well as equipment of the sedan.

Today there is information that Volkswagen is preparing for the start of sales of the model.

To be precise, the sale of the car is scheduled for June this year.

Prices and a list of options for the sedan are not disclosed at the moment. Most likely this information will appear closer to the start of sales.

Volkswagen Sagitar 2022.

As for the appearance of Volkswagen Sagitar, the manufacturer does not plan to abandon the brand concept.

In particular, the front bumper is designed in the familiar style. So, here are installed neat radiator grille and headlights in polygonal design.

The latter, by the way, are connected with the grille. The lower part of the bumper is occupied by air intakes, which received a standard performance.

Volkswagen Sagitar 2022.

Wheels with the original spoke pattern, smooth outlines of the body and separate lights on the stern complete the look of the sedan. Overall, the car looks stylish and modern.

The Volkswagen Sagitar interior is designed with comfort in mind. And it applies not only to the driver.

In particular, the seats with a comfortable seating position and the possibility of settings «under yourself» completely exclude discomfort.

Volkswagen Sagitar 2022.

The center console has received the corporate style of execution. The monitor of the infotainment complex was installed at an angle, which allows the driver to have more convenient access to the necessary information. The steering wheel and the dashboard have a standard layout.

The Volkswagen Sagitar will be available with two four-cylinder powertrains.

Volkswagen Sagitar 2022.

We are talking about turbocharged engines of 1.2 and 1.4 liters. The performance of the units corresponds to 116 and 150 horsepower.

There is also a choice in terms of transmission — a five-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed automatic transmission with two clutches.

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