Volkswagen Taigo 2022.

Volkswagen Taigo 2022.

Volkswagen Taigo 2022.

Volkswagen Taigo 2022. The coupe-shaped Volkswagen Taigo crossover has debuted in Europe.

The German automaker Volkswagen has almost finished preparing a new Taigo crossover for the beginning of sales.

As it became known to auto experts, the coupe-like parkett will appear on the market in several variants, as well as with different power units, which will be designed to arouse keen interest from the buyers.

According to the German developer, the new crossover will be in the B-segment and will be more sporty in comparison with another representative of the brand — the T-Cross.

At the same time in this category there are no real competitors to the model to date.

To all appearances, the new Parkett will debut on the Spanish car market.

This can be concluded from the fact that the manufacturer has already revealed the prices at which the crossover will be offered in local showrooms.

About their level you can find out if you use the configurator presented on the company’s website.

Totally for the new model will be available in two versions: Life and R-Line. Each version will be equipped with 16-inch wheels, rails, painted in black, running lights with LED matrix.

The list of built-in interior features includes: front seats with height adjustment, luggage compartment with floor level adjustment, multicool, and a set of airbags.

Power opportunities of the cross will be defined by turbo engines of 1-liter volume, having various indicators of power efficiency.

Volkswagen Taigo 2022.

Available transmission options will be a manual transmission or «automatic».

If you compare European Taigo and American Nivus, the first one has different rear brake lights graphics, as well as changed the design of decorative elements of the body.

According to the manufacturer, the new Volkswagen Taigo is larger in size than the T-Cross.

Dimensions of the new Volkswagen Taigo 2021-2022

Length, mm — 4266
Width, mm — 1757
Height, mm — 1494
Wheelbase, mm — 2566
Car trunk volume, l — 438

Volkswagen Taigo 2022.

The basic Volkswagen Taigo 2021 has a list of modern technologies. Thus, in the standard list of novelties will be:

LED optics;
LED lights;
Multimedia system with a 6.5″ display.

The design itself and the arrangement of elements are intertwined with the new generation of Volkswagen Polo hatchback.

In particular, the central part of the front panel is wrapped up in the driver’s side, to the left of the steering wheel is installed classic switch for the optics.

The buyer is also offered a choice of colored plastic inserts along the front panel.

Top versions of the Volkswagen Taigo will get a digital dashboard with a 10.25″ screen, as well as a multimedia system with an 8″ display.

Volkswagen Taigo 2022.

At the heart of the multimedia will be a proprietary Ready2Discover control system, as well as wireless synchronization with smartphones.

Regardless of the configuration, all Volkswagen Taigo 2022 will be front-wheel drive. Under the hood, there may be a 1.0-liter turbocharged TSI three-cylinder.

The power of such an engine is 95 or 110 horses. Also a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine will be available, the volume of 1.5 liter, capacity of 150 horses.

Volkswagen Taigo 2022.

In tandem with the units will be offered a 5 or 6-speed manual gearbox, or 7-speed DSG robot.

Unfortunately, prices for new Volkswagen Tygo have not been revealed yet, the same way as the list of a complete set.

In Germany we can expect delivery of the first compact crossovers at the end of summer 2021 or in the first days of autumn.

Most likely then they will disclose prices, all characteristics and equipment Volkswagen Taigo. According to the company’s representatives, the base Taigo will cost from 20,000 euros.

The price of the top version has not been named yet.

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