Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022: a variant of the full-size crossover family type.

This year, the German crossover Volkswagen of the Teramont series has lost the status of the largest branded car, which is automatically assigned to the new model Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

The novelty focused on the specifics of the Celestial Empire market is not another restyling of its predecessor, although it was created on its theoretical and technological basis.

In the first generation, the new Talagon model of 2022 is positioned by the manufacturer as a family car with a three-row layout of seats or a roomy vehicle for small and medium-sized businesses.

With some restrictions on the front-wheel drive layout, the crossover is suitable for many outdoor activities.


The appearance of the novelty of the lineup has layout and design solutions characteristic of the branded counterparts of the Terramont and Tuareg series.

A characteristic feature of the crossover is the minimum amount of details of external aggression and some excess of decorative chrome. The most informative and expressive photos of «Talagon» in the front view.

In sight — a functional and practical design of the front end with dynamic longitudinal relief of the bonnet, a clear contrast of the light silver perimeter and sipes with a fine-mesh black mesh of the radiator trim.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

Compact blocks of xenon frontal optics successfully fit into the surroundings.

Under the ribbed profile of the bumper there is a platform for placing a registration plate and a pair of ventilation diffusers of the front axle brake circuit supplemented with C-shaped running lights.

The layout of the front end is completed by a trapezoidal configuration of the lower air intake, which is responsible for ventilation of the volume of the engine compartment.

When viewed from the side, the elongated new crossover body shows an aerodynamic contour with a shortened engine compartment, complemented by roof rails and a spoiler lip, a sloping roof, as well as a vertical stern plane.

The silvery contours of the three-part glazing are harmoniously combined with the black satin finish of the pillars.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

In sight — compact mirrors, stylish door handles recessed into the body and ribbed longitudinal profiles of the sidewalls.

In accordance with the standards of the crossover layout, «Talagon» is equipped with an elastic protective and decorative overlay of the lower body perimeter and decorated in the original style of off-road 18-inch wheels.

In a futuristic-styled aft configuration, a spoiler shading the rear glazing looks great, a wide LED jumper visually connecting the compact stop lamps, decorative chrome-plated nameplates and the manufacturer’s logo, as well as a harmonious variety of reliefs in the tailgate.

Between the ribbed bumper profile and the body kit, there is a narrow fog lamp extending over the width of the body. Completing the sporty aft ambience is a twin set of horizontal tailpipes.


The interior decoration of the cabin volume for seven seats corresponds to the level of many premium analogues.

The leather interior is in harmony with the electronic equipment of the front panel and the ergonomics of comfortable and well-profiled seats.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

The driver’s workplace is equipped with a sports multifunction steering wheel, with two blocks of buttons for activating comfort-forming options and an informative digital instrument monitor.

An eight-inch base or 10-inch top-end center console display is responsible for the media and information service as well as activating many on-board options.

In the design of the torpedo there is a block of ventilation deflectors.

The technical segment with a transmission control knob, a set of organizers and an armrest with a built-in refrigerator, belongs to the standard equipment of the central tunnel.

The advantages of instrument and infotainment automotive on-board electronics are the exclusive developments of the leading branded specialists.

The front seats demonstrate full lateral support, an extended range of working adjustments, efficient ventilation and seat heating systems.

Less perfect second-row seats are equipped with a backrest tilt option; the back sofa can accommodate two adult riders.

The function of stowing the sofa backrest is able to increase the loading volume of the luggage compartment from 590 liters to 2800 liters.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.


The design of the undercarriage with an axle base of 2980 mm and a ground clearance of more than 200 mm is identical to the Teramont model.

Despite the increase in the external dimensions of the body to 5152 x 2002 and 1795 mm, visually the Volkswagen Talagon 2022 is perceived in a more compact format.

The layout and operational characteristics of the MQB modular platform, structurally adapted to the features of the front-wheel drive and off-road all-wheel drive configuration, remained unchanged.

In the domestic market, the new crossover is equipped with a two-liter petrol “four”, which has proved itself positively on the Teramont of the same type.

Models with 186 hp output and 220 hp. will be installed on the front- and all-wheel drive versions of the new model range, respectively.

The implementation of traction and speed parameters is assigned to the 8-band automatic transmission.

The test drive showed a dialing time of the first hundred square meters of 9.6-9.4 seconds, a maximum speed of up to 190 km / h and a fuel consumption of a little more than 10 liters.

Options and prices

The selling price of the basic version of the Talagon sample of 2022 in the ruble equivalent is 4.6 million.


In the full-size crossover category, competitors include the Ford Explorer, BMW X4, Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Lexus RX 300.

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